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    Hi there. My name is BlockMaster, also strangely known as "French Fry" or "Frenchy" by some friends. Welcome to my profile on the wonderful website/forum of Here, I'll be posting lots of stuff about this wonderful game that greatly influenced my childhood, but mostly some technical stuff (findings in the code, unused graphics, etc...). I've also been working on a Space Quest Minecraft adventure map, but that one is currently on hold, until I get my computer replaced. If you ever wish to contact me, for some strange reason (I don't know why someone would want to contact me, but oh well), you can PM me on the forums. I also have a Facebook and a Skype, which I do not want to share openly on the forums, but if someone wants to contact me on those platforms, depending on the person and the reason, I could share some info. Oh, before I leave, one last recommendation : Never forget to open bay doors. ;)
  1. Haha! Loved the last one! This made my day a whole lot better. And yes, I'm still around. Just rarely have time, or interest, to post anything these days. Thank you for the sneak peaks, TGFA! BlockMaster
  2. My father and I worked out a few ideas : SPEAM Simulated Protozoic Enyzme Activated Meatloaf (inspired by SPAM) : Space Kraken Eat it before it eats you. Xenobites Freshly roasted on Xenon! THE Supernova (Drink) Explodes with flavor directly in your mouth... literally. Burn-me-to (Burrito) Nobody's gonna have to pull your finger.
  3. Support! I am anxiously awaiting for this game to come out since I discovered what a Kickstarter was (after SpaceVenture's one finished). Because I missed the demo, I have not many clues about what this game will be like. From what I saw on YouTube videos, this looks very promising. More progress updates would definitely be a good idea, and would give newcomers that didn't play Space Quest a better view of their game idea.
  4. I'm a french canadian.
  5. Troels, thank you so much for letting me being on your podcast. It was a great experience. Thanks again. BlockMaster