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  1. There's also GamersGate and Fireflower Games (the latter especially seems to be receptive to small indie games such as this). Plus, there's always itch.io.
  2. There's definitely a lot of neat things you can do by blending a 3D engine with adventures. People have even blended text adventures with a 3D engine to make a game that deals primarily in sensory immersion. Have you tried the Winter's Wake demo by Cheeseness yet? It shows off the possibilities of a sensory based text adventure in a 3D environment perfectly.
  3. I usually don't post my opinions on games until after I complete them, but I made an exception since this one is long (it's said to be around 4 to 6 hours, hence it's price of $10 dollars per episode as opposed to the now standard $5). I played through the intro and the first trial for Graham's knighthood, and I loved it so much so far I had to share my thoughts. I was wondering if they would go the route of modern Telltale games, as that seems to be a market that Activision would want to tap into. The result is a little bit Telltale, a little bit classic Sierra, and a whole lot of fun (the humor in this was said to be inspired by The Princess Bride, and there's definitely a lot of that, as well as other irreverent comedy such as Monty Python). So far, it actually takes the Telltale formula to the perfect level in my opinion, mixing in the right amount of QTEs and action sequences with classic adventure game puzzles and choices and consequences (although we'll have to see how the consequences play out in later episodes to see if it reaches the levels of games like Dreamfall Chapters). There's the choices and consequences (old King Graham, voiced perfectly by Christopher Lloyd, mentions that his younger self had a choice between several options, each of which would have consequences). There are QTE's, and there are ones where you have to push the button repeatedly, but they make sense here as they're presented as things such as chopping a tree or rowing a raft, rather than just arbitrary things like summing up strength, and the amount of button pressing repetition is never excessive. They also have first person shooting sections (with a bow and arrow) that are handled really well (and sometimes even happen in the heat of the action, which adds to the tension in my opinion). But, there is also an inventory and puzzles, and not ones where the solution is right next to the object, either. The areas to explore are rather large, and the solution might be location far away from the problem, which bridges classic Sierra with the modern adventure game formula together excellently. The story is exactly what I was hoping, as it's clearly both a sequel (as well as a prequel in parts) and a re-imagining. The set up of old King Graham telling his granddaughter stories of his life works well for the game, as it gets to tell new stories never told before, and for the stories that it does revisit (such as Graham's quest to get the magic mirror from the dragon), any changes to the story can be chalked up to Graham embellishing a bit to keep his granddaughter excited.
  4. It was linked in the latest update, but the direct link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B03tRjudNzM
  5. At least the original King's Quest games are still available on GOG.com. Plus, they have Mask of Eternity over there too, and they never had that on Steam.
  6. You have to be careful using applications other than games in DOSBox. The authors of DOSBox recommend that people not use productivity applications in DOSBox, as there is a strong possibility that files can become corrupted. I've personally had this happen to me before when working on a game project in Klik n Play through DOSBox. There are still ways to run DOS productivity applications safely on modern systems (without the risk of losing your work through file corruption) though, such as a Windows 9x virtual machine or booting up your computer in FreeDOS.
  7. That's one of the main drawbacks of Kickstarter. Projects often go in directions not planned in game development, which leads to delays. Normally, this is not a problem, as the development is completely behind the scenes, and once the game is released most people wouldn't even be aware of the problems the development team faced. But, with Kickstarter, most backers expect at least some updates on the development, and they get antsy when it takes several years for the game to be released. Just about every Kickstarter game that's taken a long time to release, from Broken Age to Hero-U, to SpaceVenture, have had their share of people getting upset about the long development time. A lot of this probably comes from the fact that a lot of these people haven't been involved in the game industry, or haven't read about (or don't understand) the pitfalls that happen to almost every game when it comes to extended development time, rewrites, games going over budget, etc. All of this is very common in game development, but I could see how it would look like the development is troubled to people who don't know what goes on behind the scenes in the games industry.
  8. This is really sad news. That video tribute by Amayirot Akago brings back found memories, as Gary's narration in the Space Quest games have always been among my favorite part of the games that had them (so much so that I wished that the others had it as well). He'll truly be missed.
  9. Nice update (I really liked the video they uploaded). I'm really looking forward to this game, as Space Quest was always my favorite Sierra series and from what's been released so far it seems the Guys From Andromeda still have that ol' Sierra spark. :) And Ken Allen definitely still has it as well (can't wait for Under The Half Dome!)
  10. Thanks for the kind words. :) I've decided not to do a write up about this new mess. The last time, Paul directly contacted gaming news outlets, and they ran with the story before confirming it with Al Lowe, so I posted my article to try to shift the tides a bit. This time people are realizing that Paul is posting things with no proof to back it up, so they're not taking it seriously. In this case, he's really hurting himself more than the Guys From Andromeda.
  11. I really can't believe he's still antagonizing the Guys From Andromeda. I really thought we were past this after Paul Trowe apologized last year. :(
  12. Fantastic news! I can't wait for the game! :D
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