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  1. May we have this 'sort of release date?' I'm quite excited about this one. :)
  2. Gentlemen, thank you, and, more specifically, jcp, you would only have redone everything after those four years because you are not privy to the richness of creative writing that comprises OEOE's screenplay. :wink: I prefer to think of what's necessary as... polishing/editing - and having retrieved many of these files will certainly help me in my becoming more organized and finalized with this. I certainly have learned my lesson, too. Though, only a very small fraction of the screenplay itself was ever really lost. I was very good with backing up the most important stuff. It was just t
  3. (Y) Been looking forward to this one. Congratulations on the release!
  4. (Y) Congratulations on the release. This month has been a pleasant surprise - two new games!! I'm also looking forward to Incinerations. It'll be nice to have something new to toy with in between continuing work on my own endeavor.
  5. Thank you, Jocolloman. :) NOTE: I realize although I'd continued to make updates on the website this past year, I somehow drifted away from including them here and on other forums. I apologize if this has left anybody wondering, and hopefully it did not keep many of you from thinking to visit the site itself the see the updates. Remember, you can always feel free to check out what's going on here December 28th, 2011 SPACE QUESTERS! I have some good news, and I have some GREAT news! I’ll begin with the good news… THE OUTER EDGE OF EARNON WILL USE 3D-ENVIRO
  6. NEW UPDATE: To those of you following this website/project: I am still alive! I apologize for being a week late of delivering my 'week late' update. (That's a sly way of admitting I'm two weeks late, while drawing attention to the idea of only "one") Let's hope it won't appear, as it is now, too weak and late. :D (Yeah, I was always particularly fond of SQ5 - catch my drift?) So, here's the news: I have not produced as much as I'd hoped in these last 3 months, but have made excellent personal progress. I'm going to slide just a bit off topic, but follow and you will see how this is
  7. My friend! Excellent it is to see you are following the project. You could say I really enjoy/anticipate enthusiasm from other fans regarding it (perhaps as you anticipate the updates themselves). Just wanted to say, firstly, your interest means a lot to me. I did post a brief note today, on the site, informing that an informative update will be posted by this following Tuesday, May 3rd. I said that because I didn't really have time to say anything else. But, because I don't want to tantalize you, I will tell you beforehand, that it won't feature any new screenie information (there
  8. I don't believe it was just your knowing how to beat the ega version prior. I played SQ1VGA before ever playing EGA, and I must say it was quite straightforward and 'figure-out-able.' I did so within one month without using a single cheat. I do recall getting stuck for awhile on the whole 'say-no-to-the-pimp-and-wait-for-him-to-walk-around-the-building-before-you-sell-him-the-skimmer-to-get-the-jetpack' deal. Which is why I voted SQ1VGA ;) As for SQ3, technically it may not be a short adventure game, but regarding the rich variety of locations available, it seems to me still that th
  9. Thank you, but, to answer your question, I'm just using the old MSPaint.exe ;) Of course, for the large facial closeups, I use an actor, paste the photo image in paint, and then re-sketch and color over it by hand (mouse).
  10. Heh, thanks Chris! I came up with it on the spot. :) NEW UPDATE: Greetings Space Questers! The time has come for our next update. Phew! It has been a busy past few months for all of us here on the dev team, but despite all this, we're still kicking like mad. Firstly, I would like to introduce you all to our newest member: "Icefoxer," who is a friend of Vroom's as well as a current student and aspiring artist attending the San Francisco Academy of Art! She has offered to work with us primarily (but not necessarily limited to...) as a concept artist for the project, and
  11. Well... it's the thought that counts. Nice gesture, Hamguy (Y)
  12. This is incredible! :D I hadn't even known you were working on this. And you're 95% done with almost all parts of it. (Y) Looking forward to enjoying this.
  13. Yeah, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to side with the others, bud, but I'll try to vary the scolding advice a bit, and resist the urge to pounce on the remaining ludicrousness which the others have already covered, so I can feel like I'm actually giving you something new, and perhaps feel a little less guilty for lashing back on you: Okay, so... your reasoning functions like this: "Space Quest is dead, therefore > How dare Jess pursue a future in education (political science above all!) in lieu of updating a Space Quest fan site? For free, far into his adulthood, to satisfy grubby, sel
  14. HUFFWAGON! LMAO!!! Haha! No, you can't beat it. Sounds almost like some sort of... stoner-phrase, "You been huff'n the magic wagon, buddy?"
  15. Yes, it is a wonderful resource. SQ.Net has come in handy for me multiple times already in regards to my fan project. I remember a decade ago, when it was called "Frans' Space Quest Site," and I never bothered coming to check it out when I found it in searches, because the "Virtual Broomcloset" sounded more... "hefty" (those were also the days when, upon first glance, like everybody else, I'd thought Frans' was pronounced Fran's - instead of Frohnz). It is amazing how much the place has grown and improved, and that I'm still coming here. You're work is appreciated, and the fact that yo
  16. Collector, Yes, indeed friend. I understand. But (slaps forehead), I'm now realizing I had no idea what you were talking about before when you said "SHP." I'd done a google search, and came up with this place. I'd figured you were just a fan of it, and promoting it. Based on the description, I mistook it for a typical online webspace provider. Now, of course, clicking on the button in your signature, I can see it is your own website hosting Sierra Help Pages. :frusty: This reminds me of when Star Wars episode I came out, and the clerk sent me to the wrong theatre. I walked
  17. The message board, I had mixed feelings about in regards to how public it may be. It has crossed my mind, believe it or not, that my acquiring of very many members would probably prove quite unlikely (unless or until I post a plethera of rare goodies). Not to sound negative, I it's the conclusion I've come to. Furthermore, even if I had(do/will) acquire(d) a substantial amount of members, considering how few there are posting actively in the SQ community as of late, it would likely cause an unnecessary split of attention and/or information between my board and others boards (such as this o
  18. I appreciate the offer, but I already setup up an account for a really good deal. Yes, I happen to want this game to be as perfectly enjoyable in every way possible, as I always have. I won't be taking any shortcuts in any aspect of design that would lessen one's ability to enjoy it. Pacing, I consider vital. As always, I appreciate your compliments. Anyways folks, I've set up a website at the following url. The message board isn't really all that finished yet, in terms of looks and categories, but you can feel free to join so that you may follow progress of 'The Outer Edge'
  19. I agree. There will be a home for it this November. I should also take advantage of whatever free search engine entries that new account offers, and try to spread the awareness some more.
  20. Coincidentally, I intend to open an account this November. My team and I are currently using a private account that had been established as a general web account for myself. When it expires in the coming month +, I'll open up one with a more appropriate web address. Of course, I haven't really been putting much emphasis on a fancy website and all that just yet. I figure since most SQ fans visit this place of all places, that updates posted here would suffice. I do foresee, in the near future, however, after having more screenshots and a playable demo for Day I of the script, possibly desig
  21. I thank you both for your encouragement. Here we are now, 2.5 weeks early for the update. How about that? image copyright © Johnathon Gabriel Matthews I began working on this sprite 3 months ago, but of course I hadn't spent as much time on it as I'd wanted. Progress with the script has been coming along great. Although communication and work with the team as a whole seems to be in a frozen state (we've all got lotsa life business to attend to), we've been keeping in touch, and are as enthusiastic as ever. Tremendous improvements have been made for the ending game seg
  22. The team is back in action... Screenshot images previously expired have been re-posted throughout this topic Here it is, almost 9 months exactly since my last post on this, and alot has happened since then. It is very unfortunate that the project development has been so crippled all this time. I feel concern for fans who have been wishing to follow this project, and I regret how little has been mentioned to explain the cause of this slow-down and the lack of updates. Anyone continuing to follow my postings after March of 2008 will know that the project has not been completely
  23. Sorry to anyone coming here and having expected a fresh new update. I'm just here to clarify a thing or two. If you're wondering why my most recent screenshot (probably the most original and impressive one) was removed, I did so myself because I have recently found it important to keep my endeavors at a low profile. I've been busy working through an admissions process with a prominent art school, juggling 9 credits at community college and 25 hours of work a week. Progress has been slown, but stay tuned. The Outer Edge will take flight again. Sincerely, Johnathon
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