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  1. Heck, a time machine would be great just for rewinding every day you spend working on a fan game, so you would have all the time you need, and would never even need to announce a release date (of course, you'd probably have to carry the source code and resources with you inside the time machine, but that shouldn't be too difficult, no?) (sighs...) If only we all had time machines.
  2. All good points; though, like S_D mentioned, they did pay for that access. I've no place to tell people what to do with their stuff, but my curiosity is roused by this. The amount of enthusiasm flaming the kickstarter onward was incredible (I mean, yeah, it was a close call, but we still got over 10 thousand people). It's just really surprising to me. I'm busy too, of course: wedding planning, college, work, SQ:OEOE, and the past two weeks recovering from severe dyspnoea triggered by what no expert has been able to explain yet (apparently an odd virus or side-effects due to interaction of
  3. Lol, taking place in hell? That anything like the cancelled "Royal Quest"? :y:
  4. If they ever have a convention down here, in Charleston, I'd be willing to drive the 4 hours, if I could find the time out of my schedule. :wub:
  5. Not certain if you guys interpreted my question as I meant it; but now that you mention, this place does seem a little dead too. What I was actually referring to was how dead SVRewards is. There may be 20 people posting there, and it's been up for months. I mean, I didn't count, but that's how it seems.
  6. Okay, so I couldn't resist posting this up anymore. Sorry if it's been mentioned, I've been a bit busy and haven't been able to follow the activity here on a consistent basis. So, anyways, I'm glad we had over 10,000 contributors to ensure the SpaceVenture would happen, and I recall that one couldn't refresh the screen without the comments page being overfilled to the point that following it coherently was impossible. ...and I'm thinking about all that, and thinking about the fact that the Rewards site has been up for months now, and I'm wondering, "where is everybody?" Are they al
  7. Just got a message from him. Apparently he's working on a Disney project. Pretty cool! :) Shame it didn't work out that he could go with GFA though.
  8. Wow! I mean, just WOW!! I'm going to feel so happy for the lucky soul who closes in on this position. This is like watching the opportunity of your life pass you by via a matter of philosophical seconds. (Am I being too dramatic? I'm sorry, I've been very passionate about the creative arts, and game design for quite a long time now!) Unfortunately, I am a late start, and have just begun working my way toward the abilities required. I attained my first experience with blender last fall, via my Digital Production Arts minor; as for photoshop, while I own it, I have only begun to learn it thi
  9. Oh, but Ali, that is not at all to what I was referring: it was what came after, which I have "starred out" in my post above, which I found to be overboard and bothersome. An occasional 'cute' adult reference here and there, or a bit of earthy profanity sprinkled about, for the sake of seasoning, does not bother me so much. It is just, that term that I "starred out," which I will not repeat nor explain here, is so disgusting and offensive to me, that I find it worse, image-wise, than the idea of Forcing Unidentified Carnal Knowledge. When I looked up that word, and discovered what it meant, I
  10. Nah, that wouldn't be me. Of course, only because you bring it up, I myself wouldn't be dropping so many F-Bombs; but I understand you have a primarily mature/adult audience. Sometimes the more dramatic the expletive used, if it fits with the ongoing conflict, the funnier and more infectious it comes across. I can't lie and say I'm not a fan of the Die Hard series, and you're a good few years older than me, so I won't scold you about it. ;) I understood that one well before I could even drink beer. Where my locale had been, Corona was sold quite much in the stores, and the hispanic a
  11. Try clicking on the prostitute-looking woman (in the red) who is randomly found outside the hotel (with the mouth icon, if I recall correctly), in Space Quest 6 (or... don't!) In other news... I guess I should confess that it wasn't until reading topic that I realized Ulence Flats was an inuendo. Haha! I'm almost 27 years old. Thanks for saving me from my air-headed (or... isn't it lack thereof?) innocence, Troels! :P
  12. Honestly, I find SQ overall to be good clean fun (there are areas where I feel SQ4 and SQ6 overdo the crudity/impurity, but fortunately those parts are few and far between, in respect to the bulk of the adventure). Which reminds me: "Scrump off, you little *****monger!!!" (yeah, that'd be the first one I'd have removed, if it were up to me, I didn't understand it for years, and finally the curiosity drove me nuts to the point where I googled it. Once again, wish I hadn't) :blush:
  13. Space Quest 6 (when clicking on screw in Stellar's colon): 'This is a screw that even Stellar doesn't remember.' Honestly, I could've gone on just as happy without understanding it. :blink:
  14. Well, it looks as though we're going to get the German, French, and Spanish translations of the game (not that I speak/read any of those languages fluently, but it's nice to know that others will be able to enjoy it too) :D
  15. Those are so very cool, Mr. Tnkl. A mi me gusta mucho. :)
  16. A request with Brandon: I think I just DID. :D I'd be glad to have help from any of you guys. EDIT: Oh, lol, I can see I somehow forgot to answer your question. I think I was going to go for purely digital; unless you know of any advantages to having MIDI in this day and age. I'm honestly (as I sort of hinted at above), not very educated on the matter. After all, Spikey's soundtracks play just fine on my pc without a sound module nor MIDI card; because he converted them in some manner, right?
  17. Lol, Jess. Are you serious? I only have to ask because I realize I defended my stance pretty thoroughly. Is this your way of telling me that I'm taking the argument way too seriously, or being a bit too obsessive? I honestly can't tell if you're shooting for sarcasm or otherwise; though I wouldn't blame you either way. I just want to know. :D Thank you, sir! :) I suppose after going through 4 courses in art and 9 courses in design, I can't help but think and function this way when approaching an artistic project. It's a shame I'm not as well rounded in the art of Music. I've been wan
  18. To answer your question, Brandon, I have been dithering the original 16 colors all along. Bye the way, when dithering the original 16, in every combination possible, you get more than 64 colors; you get 136 unique shades. With 20 colors, all of the possible dithered combinations yields 210 unique shades. If you hadn't noticed my use of it, go to the website and download the background of Xenon City from the screenshots page, open it up in a program like paint or windows viewer, and zoom in; you can see that I had before succeeded in making the Super Computer look more orange and less red than
  19. NEW UPDATE: July 17th, 2012 Space Questers! I've decided to make this update a couple weeks early. I've got quite a few things to share with you, but first, I want to give you a good, STRONG reminder to go to guysfromandromeda.com, if you haven't done so, and PLEDGE a few buckazoids to help the Two Guys improve the new SpaceVenture, starring Ace Hardway!!! They have listed on their website a set of goal promises for specific features, provided they can receive enough funding (examples include translation of the final game into other lagnuages, and things like extra mini games an
  20. Hey hey there, I think, if I may share my feelings on the matter (not that there's anything wrong with what you've said, I respect your opinion, I just have some quite opposite views on it, and would like to share them), I think you're making some conclusions that are a bit too... "absolute," and they don't need to be. When we pick apart the elements of the games that we liked or didn't like (at least when I do so) we[/i] are only critiquing, not criticizing. I personally love EVERY single one of those Space Quest games. Just because some aspect of the game didn't fly well, doesn't m
  21. Jared, Jess, I agree with these points. I'll admit we can't scrutinize SQ6 (being a computer game), purely based upon looking through the lense of character development and creative writing (I mean, it had alot going for it that other games in the series didn't, and it WAS quite a funny and enjoyable game). Though, it is quite clear that Stellar's (and others') character(s) were desperately forced. If we are to believe that Roger knows/knew Stellar before we did, we are pretty much required to believe that he spent quite a bit of time with her between the end of SQ4 and the beginning o
  22. Hah! Troels, I just happened to watch your 3rd conundrum video, and you even cite it: "****ing human pretzel, man!" I suppose I really should have known. Dug myself a nice holograve, haven't I? :)
  23. Yeah, that's what I meant. :blush: I'll be honest, the Space Quest series ranks up there with my favorite films of all time, like Jurassic Park, Star Wars (the original trilogy), and Independence Day. As such, they all came to this point (quite a few years ago), when playing them (or watching the movies aforementioned) would only feel like propelling myself with my legs as I walk. So second nature and familiar, that the original emotional high had been drained out of it. Therefore, I tried not watching Jurassic Park for about 10 years (I'm not kidding), and every time I come back to it
  24. Nah... They're... "delicious and nutritious!" :)
  25. Damn guys! Perhaps a picture of Roger having been twisted into a pretzel by the predator of SQ2 would have been more funny? I mean, it's not that far-fetched/unheard-of for people to be tracked down and shot by a stranger due to online activity/interactions. Do we really need to scare the guy half-to-death :D
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