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  1. I thought SQ6 had a great sense of parody/humor. I outright loved that game. Though the plot was quite disjointed/force-fed.
  2. Lol, Chris, I don't recall having had so much trouble with it. Though it's been a long time since I've played it, I remember I was able to notice a correlation between what was typed in and the approximate degrees that the lasers would then turn. EDIT: The more I think about it, I believe I recall it had something to do with which column/row the buttons were in. Something about that correlates to how far the lasers turn.
  3. Really? Is that what they did? They thought you? Lol, so sorry, that was too easy. :D
  4. Very nice piece there. Very nicely composed. :y:
  5. I still attribute my early success with typing and w/ computers in general to Space Quest 3, Gold Rush, and Police Quest 2
  6. Well, 8 months, 12 months... Who can complain after waiting all these years? :)
  7. It's Ferde-licious, rock rock! It's so delicious, he keeps those... [girls] on rock rock! :D Er uh- yeah... somethin'
  8. I believe many more people (if not everyone) has an innate artistic ability even when they do not believe so. It just needs to be drawn out. It is a common misconception that all the great artists were prodigies like Michelangelo, or mathematical/perception geniuses like Don Bluth, who can swiftly form and shape a piece perfectly on the first try. For the majority, all that's necessary is a vision and the desire to make it into a reality. There's a saying I'm fond of: An artist is only as good as his/her reference. Another one I'm also fond of: Drawings are like wine, not milk; the longer they sit, the better they get. One of the the most useful lessons I learned in the fine arts (and this is no joke), was that an eraser is one of your most helpful and important drawing tools. Yet; until people experience failure, and continue following through with the technique, in the face of that failure, they don't acquire a confident grasp of art, or begin to develop their own style. I have had experiences in my early days in the field, having spent 12-20 hours on a piece, only to have to scrap it and throw it away, and that final prototype of it, a week later, being hailed by the professor and entire classroom. The bottom line is, everybody misses 100% of the shots they don't take, and things ALWAYS become better with practice, they have to. If I were to show you some of the earlier screenies I did for OEOE when I was 18, you'd being laughing at me, honestly. I do believe that those seeking to unleash their buried talent (that is, to get the juice out of the orange, so to say), would do well to sign up for just one drawing class over a summer or even fall or spring semester. One evening class, that meets for three hours, one day a week. Within 4 months, you'll be amazed at what you were always capable of, but just never had loosened up or falled enough times to get to that point of development in your artistic ability. If you can dream it, you can learn it. It's people without vision who can't make good art. It's only people WITH vision (such as yourselves, and I mean that as a respectful compliment), who haven't honed the skill YET; who blindly believe they are incapable.
  9. Lol, this reminds me of how annoyed I became at one point in my recent past by an english faculty, who scribbled in red on my essay "Shades of Welty," before I had ever read a piece of Eudora in my entire life. I think it's ridiculous sometimes to the extent people will try to protect every single microscopic, generic or obvious idea (assuming it even classifies as a unique idea that wouldn't come naturally to anyone with a brainstem). :lol: Still, some rips are more blatant and obvious than others, and it is those that become annoying. Trying to erase the association you have in your mind of a latex babe to make room for a Bond girl, or of a Ulence Flats local to make way for a stone-cold killer-captain can be difficult for some of us... 'purists.' :blush:
  10. I really like the idea of pixar-quality characters, and even the EGA mode. Too bad they're so much higher on the goal list (lol, not trying to stir up trouble here, just honestly probably going to miss those two things) Still... I couldn't be more excited that this is happening! :y:
  11. If you ask me, Frede, these people do themselves in, and in effect clean up after themselves and the mess they 'create.' If anybody is willing to sit through these and enjoy them, and not squeal and squirm in pain at the sheer ludicrousness and sloppiness, I say, give 'em that. They won't get so much from the greater masses. They get out what little they put into it. Am I wrong? Or, have the majority of us become so desperate in these past 12 or so years? If so, hopefully the SpaceVenture will change all that. :)
  12. To think we'll be playing this thing in just 8 months from now! :)
  13. Then, who is Slash Vohaul, whos datacart Roger reads, (who supposedly is the dying man who points to the datacart library and utters the words 'astral bodies,') and who very much wanted to see the Star Generator 'liberated' from the hands of the Sariens, besides Roger...?
  14. There's nothing like coming home from a suckawith day @ work, logging onto your computer and searching up tgakick.com, to find that the kickstarter campaign for Ace Hardway is funded up to $499,000 (approx), and then refreshing the page and seeing that it has jumped over the $500,000 goal. It's the kind of uplift and joy likable to smelling the fresh laminated box of a new SQ installment that has just hit the shelves at Costco. :)
  15. I can't believe how many good films have been coming out all around the same time. This hardly ever seems to happen! :) I'm going to see the midnight premiere of Prometheus this evening. What do you guys think: 2D or 3D...?
  16. Alright dudes, Sucks having to tell you this, but while I've set up two more campaigns (Yahoo/Bing and Facebook) using my web account promotional coupons, I can't seem to get them to run without attaching a credit card. Google Credit was pretty straightforward, in that it just let me use up the coupon; but I've been trying to get these other two to work, but they don't offer prepay options, and require a real credit account before they accept the coupon, and seeing as that I'm not able to keep a close enough eye on these things 24/7 and my credit card accounts (all of them), are nearly maxed out, I just don't see myself going that route. The google campaign may turn out to be the only thing I could have done to further help promote the SpaceVenture, and looking at the pace it's been running, I'm worried that even with that little extra help from me (and all of us here), it still might not make the goal. What has this world come to in the last 20 years? :(
  17. Colin, I'm so glad to be reading this. I was hoping some others might be inspired to do the same. And, thank you Chris and Troels, but trust me, I'm no saint. I've had those ad credits for two years, and hadn't used them. It was no skin off my back; though I'm very glad I had them to use for a cause such as this. I REALLY want to see the Two Guys successfully take off with their new company. :)
  18. Alright dudes! The credit has been used up. Between yesterday and today, the google ads received 253 clicks leading to the spaceventure (guysfromandromeda.com, so they could see the whole website first, and then be lead to the kickstarter). The ad itself mentioned the kickstarter and encouraged surfers to pledge at least $15 :) I've been a bit swamped the last few days, so I haven't gotten around to using the facebook and yahoo credit yet, but I'll be doing that very soon. P.S. Had wound up changing the daily quota to $90 per day to get more action.
  19. Alright, so... I had $100 worth of advertising credits that came with my website account and which I had never used. I decided to go ahead and plug in a campaign for the SpaceVenture Kickstarter on the google search engine. These ads, according to google, should begin almost immediately. PLEASE, do NOT click on them if you are already aware of the kickstarter - as they will stop running once my promotional balance is used up. To try and avoid excessive clicks from being used up, I have them set to display only twice per day maximum to any given unique web surfer. Also, given that the balance is for only $100, I have the quota set to $3.45 per day. What this means is that you may not see these ads at all if the quota gets reached quickly each day; though assuming the adds cost $1 per click (I can't remember exactly what they cost), that's still about 100 more people being led to the SpaceVenture Kickstarter. I also have credits for facebook and yahoo. I'll be setting those up next. Sincerely, Johnathon
  20. I hope this apparent downhill trend isn't the result of perturbed fans post the initial prototype. Is it just me, or wasn't the amount up beyond 140k yesterday? :(
  21. Highlighting... lol... is this Reader Rabbit...? There was never any highlighting in the Sierra adventures, was there? :D
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