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  1. A new update posted on the site: January 23th, 2013 Greetings Earthlings, Xenonians, and all remaining lifeforms not mentioned of janitorial intelligence or higher. :D Speaking of which, your trusted webmaster and fan-game designer - shortly following the previous update - made the irreversible decision to allow this website's domain to expire without renewal, closed down his previous ISP account, and lost access to transferring the domain to his new ISP. Did I explain that comprehensively enough? It doesn't make sense, does it? Truth is, I don't remember all the detail
  2. Well... I've done my good deed for the day. Wish it was this simple every time. :P
  3. Now all he needs is a pinkunz sitting on his lap, and a couple ape-men with Spock-ears at each side. :y:
  4. Well... absolutely, it MUST be a labor of love, and if the Two Guys were up to doing it, it would be. It's also because the series itself doesn't take itself to seriously (the plot of the 3rd one had Roger rescuing its creators from software pirates, for crying out loud! :D ), I don't see where/how reviving it after all these years would present the typical issues that generally come along with trying to slip new chapters into a resurrected series (despite whatever plot inconsistencies or multiple authors/teams-of-authors there have been. I honestly feel that if it were revived, it could be gr
  5. Hahaha! I admit, that's exactly what I was thinking too when I read it. I just didn't want to be the one to say it.
  6. Odd how I had that impression. Could've sworn I read it somewhere in the credits or the design commentaries/about. It was a good 5 years ago now though.
  7. I of course wasn't privy to all the details of the design team or how they worked together; but Mandel's designed several professional games (including SQ6), and if I recall correctly, he put in a good bit of help (not only voice-acting, but design help) in for AGDI's King's Quest games (which, in my opinion, were EVERY bit as good as the officials if not better.) The SQ7.org project always came across to me such that it was very well managed and there was a solid hierarchy of development team organization and quality assurance. With Mandel in the loop, I have every confidence it would've
  8. Yell at you for asking it...? I wish I could observe fans all across the web bugging the heck out of everybody as to SQ7 being released, because I want to see it happen too, and the noisy wheel usually gets the grease! ;) SpaceVenture IS going to be very cool; but, of course, SQ7 is a possibility in the future, and from the Two Guys - need I say more? :D I hope they do get on their feet and get the legal power they need. EDIT: I want to follow up on this to add (I always seem to forget to do so, because I've been so excited about the Two Guys's dynamic game-design duo reuniting)
  9. I regret not having watched this sooner. Spectacular! It's basic, but it's right on que. Very witty, funny, and nostalgiac. I particularly appreciate the part at 2:08, when you have Scott spinning on the floor and Mark running in circles! I love it!! (Among other clever parts, like elmo opening fire and astro chicken wanting out.) :lol: Great piece!
  10. I was frightened into purchasing personal medical insurance post what happened to me this past month; and, considering your story Cap'n, I consider that $109 per month well worth it, per chance any such emergency ever were to occur. I might also add, per chance any late payments went on your credit, hopefully the medical debt responsibility act will be approved by this next senate, and you will be able to force them to remove any negative impact to your score regarding medical debts within 45 days of them having been paid up. Best of luck.
  11. Dang, Captain! Medical bills? Car wreck? I'm sorry to hear this. You are okay, I hope? I had a big hit too this last 6 weeks. $500.00 in medical bills for an unexplained cause of severe shortness of breath. Literally thought I would die at a couple points. Could have been some nasty atypical pneumonia. Anyways, get better!
  12. You know, Troels, I was honestly pondering with the idea of having you appear as a cameo in my fangame, just because I thought up a perfect way to implement you, which would serve as a three-fold purpose: (1) to poke fun at my inabilities (as a designer) to rectify the debates that exist between things like the number of planets in the system of Earnon or the distance that Kerona is from the dying star... (2) to further depict yourself as the SQ Historian (Xenon, being a real metropolis type area, obviously has museums and large libraries and therefore, historians...) and (3) to have you make
  13. I do believe/agree having real-time syncing between all the four sites (probably with this one serving as the main "node," b/c it has been around so long) would help. Perhaps that's too easy for me to say, b/c I don't know what labor that entails; but it seems it was done quite promptly between this place and twitter, and facebook, and the virtual broomcloset. It goes without saying that obviously non-backers wouldn't have access to the rewards site, but perhaps seeing more of it synced across the remaining websites would draw more attention.
  14. I've gotta say, I've browsed over some of the photos in this thread, and this is some pretty intriguing stuff! No - AWESOME! Very impressive work, and while I have never played minecraft before (and still don't have the time and fear trying it b/c I've seen others addicted to it), if I ever do start, it'll be because of this SQ spin off. :y:
  15. I see your points regarding these. I'd like to clarify my choice of title when I decided to make this thread. It was worded kind of cutsie-wootsie front line newspaper, I suppose. I probably should have thought about that a little more before posting it. I do think it's obvious enough, however, that my use of the word "hiding" wasn't/isn't intended to insinuate the bulk of the backer's as being deliberately anti-social. I also don't want you, here, getting the impression that I'm trying to insinuate that you are trying to suggest that I had intended such, solely b/c of my explaining it he
  16. I was just in an especially humorous mood. Sarcasm is one of my most common outlets when life is too serious. :P Seriously speaking though, if there ever was a "standard" to be held to, as far as all the chapters go, I'd say SQ3 is more-or-less it.
  17. A fair interpretation, though I didn't see Ace's being employed/summoned by the Guys in the prototype as automatic verification that such a scenario would play out in SpaceVenture. Of course, I certainly have no problem if he does wind up being their little chore boy, and I agree it would be quite amusing. :) Oh really? You mean always victims as in the one time they appeared as characters in their games (SQ3), and always despondent as in the one time they behaved such in their games (SQ3; whereas, appearing in SQ1VGA they were smartass Madden-pun commentators, in SQ4 they were
  18. I'm imagining them somehow needing to be rescued by Ace (that's perhaps the most obvious possibility). I like your take on it though. Perhaps they can be kidnapped while he's working on their toilet? :D
  19. And there's many more than one way to "give reasons" or otherwise express yourself: it's called having "tact," something I myself never used to possess, and which unfortunately the average person still doesn't. Apology accepted.
  20. [emphasis added]. (Sighs...) And now I feel like we're going backwards, as we are digging into two-posts-ago. As I've said, and continue to say here. I find certain worries/language-use (as quoted and emphasized above) a bit much. I cannot argue with your pointing out that Chris's extent of criticism or being questioned by a lot of fans may be a sign of, "well, who the hell IS he, then, after all???" I suppose your logic is sound there: minus that you don't really know if that "many" is the majority. If you go by what my sense was of it, I said 20%, which is actually quite small (
  21. That's all fair enough my friend, I don't see your posts as especially negative or critical. You even have some valid points. If I hadn't been following more of the podcasts and have come to know more about Chris in the last several months - who knows - I may have had your same first impression. So, don't feel like I was trying to scold. I didn't mean to have too much of a scolding tone. I just feel it "wise" to probe and bit more before speaking. Chris does read this forum, you know, and he hears that "this Chris guy, that Chris guy" from at least 20% of 10,000 people, lol. You're not ne
  22. :y: (slaps forehead) Poor Chris. :P Not that your impressions and opinions aren't valued, but I just have to be laughing my ass off now, not only at what you're saying, but at exactly "how" you're saying it. He must hear (read) his name preceded by the word "that" and followed by the word "guy" about a hundred times a week. It's quite sympathetically laughable. Sincerely though, I don't mean to criticize you. I just find this amusing; but I must also tell you. Chris is a great Space Quest fan. I know it's not the public's job to know who EVERYONE in Hollywood/Gaming is (the
  23. Hehe... :lol: Well... I suppose my launching of this topic/question was not as redundant as I'd earlier predicted. I hadn't realized there was a common malfunction in the kickstarter's emailing system.
  24. I just made a very brief update note on the website to hold us over for the next 3 months. I've been slaving away behind the scenes and have made great progress. As far as the update, however, there's just a posting of a somewhat familiar screen, although with a demonstration of further animation sprite progress included in it, and a notice to look out for the upcoming demo. Just wanted to let you know. Sincerely, Johnathon
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