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space quest on your mobile???

Guest tank

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Hi Guys,


Has anybody here got Space quest on their mobile phone? Apparently somebody managed to get Leisure Suit Larry onto their Mobile (nokia)..

If this is true can somebody provide link? would love to play sq whilst travelling to and from work on the train.. (yawn..)



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What I think would be really cool is a port of any of the SQs to the Nintendo DS. I think the touch screen platform is great because in the parser games you could have a keyboard to type actions and in the later VGA games you could have an icon set and inventory screen on the top screen and select the objects with the d-pad and then tap on the bottom screen where the game is displayed to preform the given action.


Of Course...


Recently, a group of highly talented software developers (IMO) began to port Linux to the DS and actually have a successful build that boots and everything. If someone could or already has ported an SQ game to Linux then maybe by writting drivers for the DS control scheme they could reproduce my idea.


But who knows...


(and for those who care, you might find www.dslinux.org of interest)

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For oldphone-holders (without Symbian) - there's J2ME port of Sarien (AGI emul) from Simon K.


Google: sarien j2me


Sarien.jar launches cibar-files (really it's just merged agi files). You can create cibars of any AGI games (i.e. and SQ0 & SQ TLC too) via Python code (cibyl-generates-cibar).


Existent ready cibars: SQ1-2, Black Cauldron, Time Quest demo.


'Sarien/J2ME' ('Sarien/Cibyl') supports T9-like parsing, save/load and sound.

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