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Such a Great Site!


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Yes, it is a wonderful resource. SQ.Net has come in handy for me multiple times already in regards to my fan project.


I remember a decade ago, when it was called "Frans' Space Quest Site," and I never bothered coming to check it out when I found it in searches, because the "Virtual Broomcloset" sounded more... "hefty" (those were also the days when, upon first glance, like everybody else, I'd thought Frans' was pronounced Fran's - instead of Frohnz). It is amazing how much the place has grown and improved, and that I'm still coming here.


You're work is appreciated, and the fact that you continue to keep it online and available is a very wonderful thing (especially if there's any hope of 'reviving' the community to a semi-active state again.)

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Lol! That's hilarious! I've never seen it being misspelled like that before. I've had these, though:


Fronz, Fons, Frons, Franz, Fren, Fran

van Hofwegan, von Hoffweg, van Hofweggen and van Hufwagon (you can't really beat that one)


Among others :D

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