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It's official: Gary Owens on board for new Spaceventure

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Mark Crowe just tweeted:


Gary Owens is a living legend in the entertainment biz. We are deeply honored and excited to have him on board again as Narrator.

I knew that The Two Guys had been in contact with Gary Owens' agent, but nothing was finalized yet. Apparently, things are more solid now. Honestly, can you imagine anyone else narrating the Spaceventure? :)

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Is this really happening?

Did I wake up back in 1992?

Tell me about it, and I've always felt like I'd missed the train as far as the high-point of the SQ Community goes, considering I hadn't entered it until 5 years after SQ7 had been cancelled.


The fact that the two original authors are making this one, and Gary Owens is narrating, is enough to make an avid fan pass out from excitement. Hell, I can't stop checking in to see what happens next, despite I have a foreign language presentation due tomorrow morning in a class I may wind up flunking - but I just don't flat out give a shit (the honey badger wouldn't).


What next? We find out that Josh Mandel jumps in to tackle half the character voice talents?

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