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Space Quest Companion Returns To My Life


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So I turned 29 just last week. I have spent the last 8 years bugging my girlfriend about how awesome the Sierra classics used to be. How I enjoyed them and how they seemed to shape my life. For some reason I always ended up talking about the Space Quest Companion and how I used to read it every night. Well my birthday present arrived late but she gave it to me when I got home from work. I had to wonder why someone has scanned them yet. I mean they aren't in production anymore. I mean who would't love to have a copy on their nook, iPad, kindle etc.


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Absolutely. I guess it's because scanning them is a shitload of work for <50 downloads :) I kinda enjoyed the book. But mainly because it was so damn hard to find and acquiring it was pure satisfaction. The writing style is a bit disappointing, but I guess a regular 14 year old reader couldn't care less.


Ooh, and Happy Birthday!

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I actually recieved the companion book just last year as a Christmas gift.


You can find the book for sale on Amazon.com: The Space Quest Companion. Used copies of the book seem to range from twelve to twenty-one dollars before the prices start getting ludicrous. Most of the new copies are pretty pricey, though.


On a side note, the copy I got was the second edition. I can't recall, but I think the only difference with the second edition is that it covers Space Quest V.

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I never got to read this one - instead, I had a copy of "The Official Guide to Roger Wildo's Space Adventures, Second Edition". Like the Companion, the 'second edition' was updated to include then-new Space Quest 5 stuff. Unlike the Companion (to my knowledge), the story presentation in the Guide is done in first-person - Roger himself is basically writing the book from his POV. Since the early SQ games had little dialogue or meaningful character interaction, the SQ1 thru SQ4 sections end up as a sort of stream-of-conciousness bit - virtually everything is presented as Roger's mental reactions to game events, with the events themselves not being directly presented. The Space Quest 5 section eases up on this forced perspective a bit to allow for more realistic conversations with Roger's crew and such.


It may not be a great work of classic Western literature, but I read and re-read that book so many times that the cover came off, the pages dog-eared, and the paper yellowed. I still have it in my desk drawer - I'm afraid to take it out for fear that it might fall apart completely one of these days. :unsure:

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