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Virtual convention?


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I've been in contact with Chris about the SQ community Minecraft server idea. I'm currently putting things together for that. During my work on that I discovered a server plugin that allows the Minecraft in-game server chat to link with any IRC channel you desire and vice versa. So even if someone doesn't have Minecraft, chatting with the general public from the game and fans chatting with the Two Guys from the outside can still be an option. That would be a neat option to have in the future sometime.


+1 on IRC connection!


We could set up a web IRC client on SQN, a la webchat.quakenet.org, for users who can't deal with IRC, either.


I think that might be the best way to include as many as possible. You could even stream the Minecraft action on uStream or something, so us Minecraft-challenged could still follow along.

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Anyone leave their computer on all the time? Could do this: Set up a Twitch.TV room with something running, like a quick n' dirty SpaceVentures screensaver. Then we could all hang out in the twitch.tv chat as the last two weeks tick by.


It's going to be a wild ride! I haven't watched a full kickstarter campaign till this one... it's exciting to watch! The marathons are my favorite part so far.

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Twitch has chat, plus a nice graphical presentation area to share. Also it is meant to work like your own private (pirate!) TV channel.


Perhaps if the Two Guys don't want to put on a 24 hour marathon (3 guys on 8 hour shifts? LOL!) then we can get the 'Pirates of Pestulon' or some fans to do stuff on twitch.tv in between.


Not sure if you can switch who controls what.... RDC or VNC into the PC running the show I guess.

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