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Space Quest Marathon in support of SpaceVenture

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JohnnyPhantom, a backer on Kickstarter, announced in the comments that he's planning a Space Quest Marathon in support of the SpaceVenture.


It's going down here: http://da.twitch.tv/johnnyphantom


Currently planned starting Saturday 5/19/2012 at 8AM EST - 12:00AM EST Thats 16 (more if needed) hours of Roger Wilco!!!

Now there's something to tweet about. :)


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Can you think of anyone who may not necessarily know about Space Quest, but might be predisposed to backing it if they saw how cool it was? I'm thinking maybe general gaming forums. Also, there's the charity aspect, so you're not necessarily restricted to gaming sites, either.


I just gotta be a stickler and ask that, if you post around, you do it naturally. Don't just copy-and-paste spam. We're trying to show a modicum of respect. ;)


Thanks for spreading the word; I know for a fact it's a big help. :)

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Hey All! Thanks again to Troels for plugging my Marathon ^-^

I'm excited for the marathon, I haven't played Space Quest for far to long, this must be fixed! Tomorrow looks like a good time to fix it ^-^


If I finish 1-6 soon enough, I will play the 2 fan games and maybe even the Space Quest 2 remake ^-^


See you all tomorrow bright and early (at least for me, all depends on your time zone)



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If you are going to be using my installers, I would recommend that you grab the latest and do clean installs before you start. I had a hard drive crash and in the recovery of data, some of the files were mixed up, leading to some configuration issues. These have now been fixed, at least for the SQ installers.

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