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Sam Suede Kickstarter to be sued by Replay?


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Actually, last I heard from Paul Trowe on his FB - is that there won't be any kind of lawsuit. The Sam Suede KS changed their page, removed references (and images) of Leisure Suit Larry, and rephrased the Sam Suede KS to make it more clear that it's BASED on work by Al Lowe, and that Al Lowe is not working on it.


But yes, I agree - it seemed that they were being too aggressive.

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Not that I particularly care, but you can locate an Al Lowe interview in which he states his level of involvement (i.e., it was his concept, and permits his name to be attached to the project as a "creator" type figure, but not an active team member). Personally, I'd rather support Steve Ince on other projects.

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It's a shame that misinformation can snowball into a shitstorm that can take down an entire campaign. Whether or not that misinformation was perpetrated by Wisecrack to begin with, or if really shady, mysterious forces worked the wrench from the "inside," I guess we'll never know. All I can say is, I'm glad the 2GFA Kickstarter didn't mention Al Lowe anywhere. ;)

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