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Hero-U - New game from Lori & Corey Cole


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Not only that, they are listening to PENGUINS!!


Corey Cole:

"I have decided to personally commit to bringing Hero-U to Linux. Originally we planned this as part of our first stretch goal, but I came up with a new plan. After Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is complete and on the way to our Windows and Mac users, I will personally port the game to Linux and - with the help of some of our passionate Linux friends - make sure the game is rock solid.

See, there's a little part of my history that 5 or 6 of you might not have heard yet. Before I was a game designer, I was a system programmer. My first job at Sierra was to translate the SCI game engine to the Atari ST and port the first four SCI games to the ST. I'll just put on my software engineer hat for this task."





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Your support for platform choice is noted & appreciated


Meanwhile, wanted to give QfG fans who were concerned about the art a heads-up that the new pitch video may be worth checking out -- has a couple more representative mock screenshots (and is overall a better pitch video, in my opinion). Gameplay questions have already been pretty well addressed by updates.

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A lot of things really have me excited about this project. While I understand a lot of people are put off by the fact that Hero-U isn't "Quest for Glory 6" in name, it takes place in the same universe and the Coles have said that characters and events from the QFG series will be alluded to in Hero-U. The University is located in Silmaria, and the Famous Adventurer may or may not make an appearance, and most importantly, THERE"S MEEPS! :D


Even if a TRUE QFG6 were to come to fruition, after Dragon Fire "The Hero's" story was concluded so he wouldn't be the protagonist anyway, and I couldn't imagine "QFG6" being much different from what we're getting for Hero-U


It seems very similar to a lot of the criticisms SpaceVenture received for not being "Space Quest 7", which even though it's not in the "same universe" in name I know it will FEEL THE SAME. and that's what so many people overlooked, but that's what makes us SUPERFANS and them FANS! :D

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Although Space Quest 3 was my first adventure game, I picked up a copy of Hero’s Quest later that year. Hero’s Quest was my first experience in RPGs and my definitive experience in fantasy. I will never forget the cover to that game.

I played the Quest for Glory games for several years and it was always my secret indulgence. I had some friends who played D&D, but I was always afraid to play because of my propagandized ignorance of the game. I was in my school library one day in 1994 when I noticed a paperback novel left on a table. The cover caught my attention. The red dragon in the background looked very similar to the cover of Hero’s Quest. I checked out Dragons of Autumn Twilight and the rest is history. I started reading fantasy novels like crazy, my friends noticed my interest in fantasy and invited me to play D&D, and I remain an avid fan of fantasy and RPG to this day. I even DM a 3.5 edition campaign of Dragonlance which you can read about on our wiki!

For me, Quest for Glory was a catalyst for fun, excitement, and socialization far beyond what the series offered in hours of playtime. I owe a lot to the Cole’s for their creative influence throughout the Quest for Glory series. This Kickstarter is my opportunity to repay the enjoyment they have provided me both monetarily and with zealous support!




Torchino Motorino



"What good is knowledge and wisdom if you can't use it?" -Erasmus

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I like the new pitch video, but I really miss the intro section in the beginning of the old video, where they do crew bios & box shots to dramatic music swells. It was effective in capturing my attention:




By the way, for those wanting to wait and back a winner, we just had a $20K+ day today, with no sign of stopping. It looks like it's achievable, and without means even quite as heroic as SpaceVenture (we're just a touch behind where SpaceVenture was, but shooting for a $400K goal instead of a $500K goal).

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Only 2 days left now and $65k left to the goal, we need all the help we can get now! Please consider pledging to help the Coles make a comeback in the adventure gaming business, I bet there are more than me here who would really like to see that become a reality.

If you already have pledged, you can always raise your pledge :) (and/or spread the word about this Kickstarter)


Thank you!


Kickstarter: http://kck.st/WwVlp7


New redesigned homepage: http://www.hero-u.net/

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Whelp, only two hours to go - time to finally get off my arse and make my pledge at the last possible minute, as usual. ;)


Of course, they've already passed the mark, so at this point the pledge is mostly me pre-ordering a copy of the game. :lol:


I'll agree with some of the comments earlier in this thread. The game is *not* going to be as visually or technologically impressive as the original QFG games - that's a simple, inescapable truth, the result of not having a company full of professional artists and programmers to draw on anymore. But frankly, it doesn't *need* to be. For me, the QFG games were always more about the creative design - the extensive world-building, the strong continuity, the...unique sense of humor (argh, the PUNS! :P ) and the constant undercurrent of levity that permeates the entire series, making for games that feature dramatic heroics and other seriousness without delving into 'dark and edgy' territory.


In other words...I know from experience that I like the sorts of games the Coles make. Even if Hero-U doesn't live up to QFG in terms of polish, it definitely will in terms of heart1. :)




1) Cue emotional music sting and sappy 'Awww...' from studio audience.

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A quick little update I got in the mail from Corey Cole:


We are delighted to announce that Terry Robinson has joined the Hero-U: Rogue to

Redemption team as Lead Artist. Terry is an incredibly-talented artist who led the

art team on Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire, created box and promotional art for

several of our games, and has created art for many other game projects including

King's Quest 7 and The Realm. Eriq Chang remains on the team as a Senior Artist.


Terry's first "modest" change was to scrap the square tile interface in favor of an

isometric art style. The game will still be 2D, but this will give it more of a 3D

look. In particular, characters and objects on the screen will look more natural.

The change will require a significant engine change, but will greatly enhance the

visual appeal.

I don't know about anyone else here, but I love isometric art styles, e.g. in Roller Coaster Tycoon or Age Of Empires 2. I know that Dragon Fire received a bad rap for its art as well, but I feel more confident in the game given this change.


By the way, in spite of what I said in a different thread, I did in fact contribute to this game (I think to the tune of $50). Quest For Glory was the Sierra game series that left the second greatest impression on me, first greatest of course being Space Quest - not counting Gabriel Knight since I only played the first game, as gripping and intense as it was.

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It's a bit hard to top Shadows Of Darkness, albeit even that game would have been much better if the game had been optimized. It seemed like a lot of background sounds and music were missing (there are certain areas in the Dark One's Cave, for instance, where there is nothing save for total silence) and the plot progression seemed jerky.

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