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"I love the Space Quest Series/Sierra Games"

Sir Procestuous

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After recording my segments for the "Thank you" vid for the Andromedan overlords & The Space Pope, as well as the upcoming podcast episode,


I recently got a semi-buzzed-induced flash of creative genius...[or insanity!]


At some point it might be fun for a bunch of us to do a retrospective on the Space Quest Series and/or Sierra games in general done in the vain of the "I love the **insert decade, holiday, or fad here** specials that VH1 used to produce ad-nauseam in the early 2000s

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What, Current Inside Copy wasn't enough? :)


But, seriously ... that could actually be a lot of fun. If we could amass a bunch of archival photographs and such from the glory days of Sierra, it would be cool to do a fan-made sequel to CIC as a sort of "VH1 Behind The Music" pastiche.

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Script, definitely. :)


I imagine this thing as a montage with voice over and still photos with Ken Burns effects on 'em (where they slowly zoom in and out), interspersed with "talking head" interview segments. The interviews could be unscripted, but the narration definitely needs a script. And the interview subjects need to know what they're supposed to talk about.

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Great idea Troels, along the same lines of what I'm envisioning as well...of course including a heavy dose of snark and sarcasm with just the right amount of added sentimental reflection for added spice!


I should be able to get some time after the Holiday insanity to start pre-pre-pre-production insanity!

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