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Don't forget that today is the day where we're returning to tear "King's Quest V" a new one with a custom, homemade, never-before-experienced audioswap - essentially a faux version of this.


Details about how, where and when you can watch the stream are available here.

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Aaaand our season 2 is off and running. We're actually taping episode 3 this Sunday - and you can watch that live, if you want.


Here's where you can keep up with our shenanigans:


http://backseatdesigners.com - our website. Everything in one place.

http://youtube.com/backseatdesigners - watch video episodes / live tapings of the episodes.

http://backseatdesigners.podbean.com - listen to audio episodes (and subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher, RSS).

http://plus.google.com/+BackSeatDesigners - watch the live tapings of episodes.


http://twitter.com/bsdesigners - tweeting stuff about adventure game dev and various mischievousness.

http://facebook.com/groups/backseatdesigners - talking about adventure game dev and various mischievousness.


http://patreon.com/backseatdesigners - donate a buck or two.



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Maybe it was the particular selection (creating lots of bathroom humor) or the fact I wasn't getting drunk at the same time but I felt like it was something that worked as a short joke (a game based on the Pope's bladder exploding) that was stretched to fill 30 minutes and it just got repetitive.


I was also for some reason expecting art sketches or something, that would be a cool extra feature I guess.

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Noted and appreciated.


We ultimately have to work with the cards we're dealt, so not all combinations will be winning. We've seen some fairly boring ones while testing, but even those will spark some interesting discussions. In this particular case, I suppose the easiest thing is to resort to bathroom humour, though. Which I immaturely enjoyed, but it may not be everyone's cup of pee. Sorry, tea.


I suppose on-air art sketches wouldn't be completely out of the question, if we ever have a guest who's up for that. At the moment, we'll probably just be encouraging people to submit their OCS-inspired artwork, though. We did actually discuss bringing Kevin in as a "staff artist" who would sketch out characters, locations and situations from the game designs on the air. But we ultimately chose to simplify the concept for the time being to avoid most logistic nightmares. Which I think was a safer route to go, considering we're having trouble even getting audio to play properly...


But thanks for watching! Here's hoping the next one will be more satisfactory. Or that you'll be getting drunk while watching, which is always an easy way out.

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Yeah, for the next one, we're at least going to try to ensure our webcam thumbnails are on-screen for the duration of it. Until I saw the YouTube stream, I assumed they were, given that I could see them on the computer I hosted the Hangout from all the while. Turns out you can't rely on that, which is odd, cause back in the day, you were pretty certain that what the host saw was what everyone watching would also be seeing. Seeing our faces should at least break some of the monotony, I think.

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