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Roger Wilco - Over! ("The Stranger" DEMO)


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Got "Speech Recognition" WORKING!!!

Remember SQ 1-3 where you typed in commands??

I've got that working with voice recognition through Microsoft Kinect.
Why Kinect? Kinect has a great voice recognition API, and regular microphone MS Speech Recognition isn't compatable with the Unity3d Engine. Noone has gotten it working with several attempts at writing custom plugins.

Kinect Voice Recognition does work with Unity. (And brilliantly!!) through the "Kinect Extras" plugin.

I am having trouble rendering the game menus to the Rift because the GUI Draws won't render on the Oculus Camera Rig.
The guy who wrote the menu code i'm using is on vacation until January somethingth.

Well I'm off to my secluded island, should have a kickstarter demo ready for when I get back the 28thish.

    - Myles

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I love the idea of a hyper-modern 3D parser game! :D Wow, that sounds so amazing, I'm turning into JDHJANUS here.


I think we should come up with an original story. How about a game set between SQ3 and SQ4, detailing what happened when Roger got back from Earth through Black Hole Bertha? It's never been explained how he went from there to Magmetheus. Presumably, he just got spat out where he started, near Pestulon. So he's still stuck in a quadrant with no idea how to get home?


Maybe he goes back to Monolith Burger to get directions, only to be sidetracked by some quest that eventually leads him out of the quadrant and onwards to Magmetheus. The game could end with Roger finally getting directions to his home planet Xenon, and his decision to stop off and get a drink at the space bar is the final line of the game.

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Unfortunately, I have neither the technical skills not the time for a real fan project :)


All I can provide is Likes on the forum and YouTube!!


As an obnoxiously conservative adventure game fan, I definitely want the game to remain non-actiony wherever possible. 


But it's hard to imagine all the different wandering baddies in this area working without some kind of stealth mechanic... You need Sequel Police, a zombie, a droid, a bunny... Maybe it'd work if you added a strong fog that limited the view horizon?

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