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Roger Wilco - Over! ("The Stranger" DEMO)


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Hi, I made this DEMO (.exe) in Unity3d.
I cannot seem to upload the .7z as an attachment.

I dunno if you guys want to run a exe from a first poster anyways,

so please enjoy the YouTube video of it running.





EDIT : Here is footage of some other SQ stuff i've made.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kmGfhXDQLw (Lost the source code for this but can make again better)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHQEyE1RZV4 (Lost this player model aswell but this next time i'm going to try and use in game 'cloth')


   - Myles Johnston

I learned to read and write playing space quest 1 ega on Tandy 1000.

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I love your SQ1 high definition, it looks really cool. Did you program that from scratch or did you use a special software for it? It Kinda reminds me of the Space Quest Minecraft map that I'm making, and MusicallyInspired's one as well. Not a so so fan of the other projects, but I did enjoy the Roger orchestra. It was unexpected, and the music is amazing. Keep up your good work!



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Thanks BlockMaster!
I used Unity3D with the Adventure Creator Asset for the SQ1 test.
I would like to remake one or more of the Space Quest's in 3D eventually.
What you saw was just me playing around it only took 4 days for me to make that.
I am ordering an Oculus Rift tomorrow as a xmas present to myself, so i'm thinking i'll make a playable Space Quest demo for that next.
I lost the source for the demo I already was working on, and losing it has me more motivated than ever to try again.
Anyway, I polished up "The Stranger" demo so you can move the camera a bit and zoom in/out with the mouse wheel.
Hopefully it is attached to this post. I am looking for people who can help me make a kickstarter demo for a homebrew Space Quest Fan Game.
Feel free to msg me and tell me how you can help. Mostly I need a script everyone can agree on, I could write my own,
but i'll have to watch the whole series longplays on YouTube cuz its been 10 years since i last played em.
I have this idea that you start the game as a part time janitor part time cook at Monolith Burger, noone seems to remember what you've done, and you have flashbacks between customers. The demo would be a 3D rendition of the Burger Builder game and nothing more for starters.
  - Myles Johnston



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As a work of Fan Fiction, and appearently the only chance for a 3D Space Quest Sequel...

I am making this game for myself and my brother who were raised on Space Quest games in place of a Father.

However, I am hoping to be able to share it with the rest of you. A very important matter in this is getting all the facts correct.
No inconsistencies, no changing anything that the copywrite owners would have problems with later.
Right here in this Official Topic, I am asking for you to help make this game happen.
Story ideas, Alien Models, better textures... If you want to help, this is your chance as a community to make a 3D Polygonal Space Quest game.
I''ll trudge ahead on my own if I get support here, but you can send me these ideas and assets too.
If I get the rights to profit from the game, you will get slightly more than a fair share i assure you.
Or, if i don't well we both will get nothing but praise.
This is out of my hands, but IMHO its been too long since we saw Roger, and I intend to cause a slight stir about it.

   - Myles

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Sure, I got some ideas. :) I'd love to hear more about how you plan to turn this into a game, though.


Will it be a 1st-person point-and-click, like the Tex Murphy games? How will it control?


What length are you shooting for? If I were you, I'd start off with a short game as kind of a "proof of concept," then, when all that works out, move on to a full-length game. But I'm not you. :)

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Yes this is just a proof of concept for now. SQH I am looking forward to chatting with you :)

I haven't settled on camera or controls yet, it was 3rd person until yesterday, but with my rift coming soon, I tried it in 1st person and it seemed alot more real-life.

I'm shooting for an introduction, and will continue it into a game if I get enough support.

I gtg but wanted to post a quick update.

  - Myles Johnston

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Yeah, I'd suggest that you share this elsewhere too if you want more response, because not only can this place be pretty quiet at times (for better and for worse), but we rarely get that many newcomers either. Check out the "Sierra Chest", "Sierra Gamers" and "Space Quest" Facebook groups, if you're into that. If not, the Sierra Help Pages Forums are probably livelier.


For good measure, I will add that I think the stuff you're making and showcasing here is extremely cool and among the more successful attempts at moving Space Quest into 3D that I've seen  :)

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Oh this is where i'll be posting.... :)
Ok, So I waited and waited for my Oculus Rift to arrive and finally got it.
Annnd, The game crashed after 5 seconds of playing,

So I disabled the rift code, and still crash city.

I here and there because i just couldnt figure out what was wrong tried to fix it.

I thought I was going to have to start over.......................................


WELL, it turns out when I disabled DX10 in favor of DX9 (So it would work with Tridef), I broke it.

Yup... I broke it it turned out.


I re-enabled Directx10 and played on the Rift for about 20 minutes with no crashes.

Seriously it took me a week of not working on the game cause it just crashed anyways to figure it out.


Now, I've been thinking....

I'm gunna need voice actors, and help writing the story...

Or, I could remake a SQ Talkie....

I'm really leaning toward Time Rippers.

Its some ungawdly hour in the 4 AM area, but I wanted to update this thread as to where I've been etc.

I have a week long vacation to an island with no internet next week,

and i'll be bringing my PC, Kinect, and Rift.

With nothing else to do to distract me, I plan to get going on this alot harder. Unless I end up painting textures lol.


So thats it really,,, before I go on this getaway, would you perfer : A NEW Time Ripping Adventure? SQ5 3D? or SQ6 3D?

Thanks for following this topic. The game is already amazing on the Oculus Rift.

Oh and not to get ahead of myself, im thinking of trying to code in a speech recognition parser...

that is all for today. Sorry too tired to bother with usual capitalization etc.

   - Myles

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