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SQ7 Mania


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This is a pretty damn cool idea. It's going to be a bitch keeping track of which episodes tie in to which, and -- if it takes off -- I foresee many forks in the story where someone goes in one direction while another goes in a completely different direction. Doesn't bother me, though. I like a bit of chaos. :)

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Also, this would be a fantastic time to break out the awesome-looking sprites that Akril drew, back when we were talking about having a tool chest of graphics for fan games. Now I can't seem to bloody find them! :/

You mean these http://www.spacequest.net/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=237


The link is in the home page news

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Troels Pleimert, it's brilliant! Alternative episodes with its several sequels)) A couple of parallel worlds, sort of it


cloudee1, suejak, I think we can use any engine to continue story. Whadda you think?


AGI, SCI, any game engine. Not only AGS :)


It'll be cool

I'm currently waste deep in a couple of SCI projects right now, so there is no way that I can even pretend to have the time. But maybe someday.

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Much like you guys have here, we are a very small but overly devoted group. There is just something special about using the actual game engines that Sierra used. I remember as a kid, after finishing SQ3 I started drawing out a game that picked up right where it left off. It was total crap though, but my love of Sierra adventure games has never faded. I've looked at AGS once or twice and even got about 20 rooms into a game before I dropped it. Just felt like I was cheating on my wife.


Anyway, sorry to have taken things off topic and in the sense of trying to get it back on topic, I always thought it would be a cool idea to pass a game along. Kind of like this premise, here's a bit of story now someone add to it and then someone else. Except in my idea everyone would be using the same game engine and actually build on the same game. Almost like a weekly checkout kind of system. You get to add to it for no longer than a week and then someone else could check it out and they would get a week to add to it.  

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I finally got around to trying to play this game. I'm really impressed with the graphics, actually. I like the 3D look you guys gave Roger.


I can't figure out how to charge the screwdriver, though -- there's no inventory I can find, and only one hotspot in the room (the light). Am I missing something here?


Also -- any chance you might upload your Roger sprite graphics for use in other fan games? :)

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