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  1. You're welcome. ;) Though you may have to relogin.
  2. The only one I actually remember is the Sid the Orat series which was pretty funny.
  3. That was a great interview. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice! Good to see you around. I'll have to check out these videos. Thanks for sharing them!
  5. Or can't grasp the concepts a storyline is supposed to make apparent in character development. That guy makes a great point. This is not your friendly neighborhood Space Quest we know and love (though it's very close). This is ten years later when Roger (who I believe is a sort of mirror of the adventure genre itself) has been left out in the cold for years. People have gotten bitter over time. But at the end of the day, Roger saves it as always. And all while being a bumbling idiot. In that regard it is classic Space Quest. It's just told in a different way. Which is more than fine.
  6. I don't care what anyone's opinions are. Anyone can have any opinion they want. But do not insult people or their work. SQInc is a fangame that was made as a labour of love and you really should treat it as such. It's not a blasphemy to the series because it isn't canon. It's just for fun. You're free to express your opinions that you didn't care for it, but don't go too far. For instance, myself and many other regulars here think those pictures are completely un-funny. That doesn't mean I'm going to call them s*** and say whoever made them was an idiot. Agree to disagree. But seeing as those
  7. I don't want anyone to stop posting. Just keep it SQ related. And don't worry, this place won't turn into what the SubChan became as long as I'm around.
  8. I've been ignoring it myself. Sledgy, enough with the pictures already. They're remarkably unfunny and don't represent Space Quest well at all. I'd hate for someone to come here trying to find what SQ is all about then finding these pictures and being completely misled. This thread is one of the most active ones, too, so it's likely people would think it's a "hot topic". I thought that you'd eventually just give up seeing that nobody has responded but you keep at it. I think it's safe to assume nobody here shares your sense of humour in this regard. This thread is turning into a spam fest and
  9. I edited his post. Technically he didn't post a link, just a domain name title, but curious people would still type it in.
  10. Well, maybe "accused" is a little strong. He suspected at one point. That was a long time ago and I don't think he has that opinion anymore. Alistair's actually good. I only ever see him post on the Quest Studios board anymore. Maybe on his SMC boards once in a blue moon, but I haven't been there in a while. Back when I offered to Frans to administrate and update the Janitorial Times forums Ali told me he would have loved to help me but real life is so busy that he only has time for SMC stuff anymore. I'm sure he has nothing against you.
  11. I remember when Spikey once accused you of being spong actually, Jonathan. lol
  12. Spong rings a bell. I think that was him.
  13. It's sad but I think the majority of the SQ community has moved on long ago. I was crossing my fingers that these new games would liven the place up, and it has to a point, but it'll never get back to what it was.
  14. SQ2 by Infamous Adventures is about to be released. The IA team is chatting with people at http://www.efnet.org/ for those interested in anticipation of its release. Put a name in the "webchat login" section and change the channel to #InfamousAdventures and then log right in.
  15. So good to see this finally released! Can't wait to try it out!
  16. Except for the PQ collection which comes with 1-4 and doesn't include the AGI original.
  17. Showing the classics attention and devotion can only be good. I don't need to buy it because I already own the older collection (the last one with 2 discs before the Vivendi release). Know, however, that the GoG version does not include the SQ1 remake. You can get that from the Steam collection, though. And since it's a DOS game you don't have to use Steam to play it once it's downloaded. It just uses DOSBox. Simply relocate the game files and use your own DOSBox. What it all comes down to is it's up to you. Do you think it's worth it?
  18. Pro tip: if it's a joke, add a smiley. Sometimes you can get away without one. But if English isn't your first language it can be very hard to spot a joke from just text.
  19. Thanks for saying our remake, which you have never seen in action, is garbage. I guess we can cancel it now.
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