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  1. The first game was fantastic and this one is no exception. Everyone must play it. The end.
  2. Try this one. Either I messed up the link or it changed somehow. http://sciprogramming.com/desktop.php
  3. SQ2 and SQ3 VGA don't exist. Sierra never made them. However, Infamous Adventures is working on a free SQ2 VGA remake right now. http://infamous-adventures.com/
  4. Thank you for understanding. I'm sure we can all be friends here. You're right, it wasn't the best start but I'm sure we're all adult enough around here to give you another chance. I'll lock this topic for now since there's really nothing more that needs to be said and you can start another thread for other fan-art/fiction material. I've also moved it to the Fan Effort section of the forums. Try to keep all threads in the correct sub-forums so we can keep this place looking nice and organized. :P
  5. Don't be an idiot. Fit in or leave. You're going out of your way to annoy everyone.
  6. Some of those ideas a pretty cool. :D
  7. Please be nice or your time here will be short. We're all friends here and especially now that there aren't that many left anymore, this forum is a place of mutual respect and we'd like to keep it that way. Don't ruffle feathers. If people think your stuff isn't interesting don't lash out.
  8. Luckily, you can turn voice volume all the way down. Or possibly toggle it off completely in the full version. I think. If not I'll try to make sure you can.
  9. SubChan was closed because it was dead and overrun with spam bots. Rather than deal with the issue they just took it down since nobody went there anymore anyway.
  10. Actually, it has nothing to do with the cartoon. It doesn't even take it into account. The story takes place 6 months after the 3rd movie. It is stupid easy, though.
  11. The SCI Programming Community website has added a new feature: the ability to play in-progress SCI games right in your browser using jDOSBox. I've added the current build of King's Quest II SCI for all to play. Try it out! It's completable up until the top of the quartz tower where the lion resides. Many things are still missing or buggy but you can get an idea for how it's coming along. Play King's Quest II SCI in your browser!
  12. That's unfortunate. :D Thank you for the latest binaries at any rate!
  13. The newest vBulletin message board supports post-liking. Too bad it isn't free.
  14. They are the same backgrounds that come with it even without the sale.
  15. That's not our Space Quest. That's some space shooter game somebody is working on with the same name. Somebody posted a screenshot of SQ because that's what he thought it was.
  16. Because the restrictions on the download size of Wiiware games is abysmally small. Wiiware downloads can be a maximum of 40MB, as stated by Nintendo. The typical filesize of a Telltale game nowadays is upwards of 300MB before installation. And also, they take forever to be released on Wiiware. And as for a disc release, that requires a publisher which takes FOREVER to get things released. It took ages for Sam & Max Season Two to be released as a Wii disc.
  17. ActiVision doesn't own LSL anymore. They sold the rights to CodeMasters. So they won't be doing an LSL game by licensing it through ActiVision.
  18. Something I never thought I'd see. ;) Also, just moved the thread to the off-topic forum because it's not specifically Space Quest related.
  19. I was largely pessimistic at first. I still am, really. Telltale's design philosophy and business model doesn't seem to blend well with what King's Quest has always been about. We'll see what happens with this.
  20. I remember Sid the Orat. That was great. I might actually have it somewhere.
  21. I've never had a problem with parsers either.
  22. SQ3 was shorter, so I consider it the easiest. I don't know. It's hard to tell, really. Maybe SQ5 was the easiest. I don't remember every getting stuck in SQ5. It was just a very enjoyable streamlined set of events. Not that it was TOO easy, but it was entertaining and fluid without any harsh stops. In fact, it almost felt like a Telltale game, now that I think about it...
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