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  1. I understand that there's nothing wrong with the game. The reason I advised changing the display driver in the game is because OBS can behave better with capturing a graphics accelerated (or not) display from a game depending on what driver it's using. This has worked for me with other programs. For instance DOSBox changing from "surface" and "overlay" to "opengl" can fix this. Same with other games sometimes when they don't behave on OpenGL, Direct3D, or Vulkan. Sometimes it makes a difference because OBS can be stupid. Anyway, glad you got it working. Clearly your issue was not the same
  2. Try running the game setup and changing the display driver to another setting (Direct3D 9, OpenGL, Software) see if that does anything.
  3. Glad you figured it out. I still am in shock that it's possible to upload images to the Steam chat.
  4. What are the images for? Uploading images to Steam is not really a thing...unless you're just talking about updating your Steam avatar?
  5. http://twitch.tv/musicallyinspired You can find VODs and other game videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH4-5bQ24UtX67RaOCPWleg And my music channel with all things related to my music is at http://youtube.com/BrandonBlumeMusic
  6. Waiting patiently. 🙂 I've been streaming development of my KQ2SCI remake project. Also writing music for other games, and collaborating on a King's Quest remix album. Just going about our lives until this thing happens. 😄
  7. We are literally testing the beta right now. We as in the backers. My money ain't wasted.
  8. It's coming, don't worry. Voice actors were recently recorded. There are videos with interviews with them by Chris Pope.
  9. For some reason I can't find my Kerona Ale coupon or original manuals/reg cards. Stupid stupid stupid younger dumb me.
  10. Had an idea after posting in the other thread of discussing what you think (or would like) the SV box cover would look like. They've said that it'll be similar in style to Space Quest IV's big box so I'm guessing something like those dimensions. I recently received my Broken Age big box for my Kickstarter reward and it was made to resemble the DOTT box and the LA boxes of old with the border, logo in the bottom center, etc. I wonder will the SV box resemble an old Seirra box? What would you want from it? Something resembling the SQ1 black box? Or maybe one of the "Roger Wilco in..." later SQ b
  11. They haven't said otherwise. I'm still expecting one. It'll look great next to my SQ1 (spaceship cover), SQ4, and SQ Collection(Vivendi) boxes. I almost bought a replacement Space Quest Collector Series fold top box a while ago but I abstained....my real SQ unicorn is the classic black box, though. It would be awesome if they designed the SpaceVenture box kind of like a Space Quest box. All black with a red and blue logo (maybe a different letterstyle, though). Or even maybe the "Rgoer Wilco in..." style boxes. could say "Ace Hardway in...." instead.
  12. Are you not a backer? They released a Kickstarter update about it. A while ago.
  13. Lol interesting. I wonder how many of the people involved knew that it was a computer game. And a museum.
  14. So I did some searching for the amazing font used on the first three Space Quest box covers and I found it! FIrst of all I must mention a fantastic variation that Goatmeal created which matches the in-game titles for SQ1 and SQ2 (but which are slightly different from the box, namely the A having a flat upper side instead of a rounded point). http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/624609/space_quest_logo_font He also did a font for the credits text: http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/678735/space_quest_credits After some searching he found a close approximation of the text sty
  15. Yesterday I finished the last theme for the game! I'm extremely happy that I've got a full game soundtrack under my belt. Plus, for $70+ backers, you can get access to the beta starting tomorrow! It's nice to get that off my shoulders at last. Now I can focus on other projects...:)
  16. Dude. If there are high quality scans of the original background art somewhere that would be the gold mine. Sign me up. In other words, I haven't heard of such a thing. There are box scans but that's it. The original paintings do exist but they are rare and only a couple people have one. And none of them are scanned AFAIK.
  17. http://sciprogramming.com/scitools.php?id=8
  18. It doesn't matter what everyone in the world believes if the artist believes differently. Everyone could be wrong. Personally, I believe they're just artistic details that mean nothing. In another shot he had a bruised thumb, scratches, and a band-aid for no reason at all. It's just details.
  19. Some fun with SCI Companion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA0_Ttt4kZ4
  20. Regarding characters that Roger "already knew" that weren't mentioned before, I don't think he knew them before. I was under the impression that between the introduction cutscene where he was demoted and the point where you start the game and get sent to shore leave on Polysorbate LX, there would have been an indeterminate amount of time (perhaps a couple of months) that allowed Roger to meet and befriend members of his new crew. I don't think we're meant to assume that Roger knew these people before SQ6.
  21. Aww. The mock microtransaction idea would have been funnier :). Why I mentioned the SQ4 hint book.
  22. I'd say if you could get Patrick Warburton, keep him for Cluck Yegger, not the narrator. Though on second thought, having Cluck as the narrator might be a neat idea in itself.
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