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  1. To clarify, are these for a mock microtransaction system for the game? Like, "pay $0.99 for a hint, or $9.99 for the full walkthrough," or "$1.49 for a new skin for Rooter," or "$29.99 for the Earnon Galaxy DLC Expansion content," or "$4.99 to bypass one ingame puzzle" type of thing? Or just made up apps for the in-game universe?
  2. So great to see this updated, thanks for your very hard work, troflip!
  3. Heh. Seth MacFarlane would be fantastic. He has that similar classic announcer voice and his sarcasm knows no bounds. Getting him would probably be quite difficult, though.
  4. Actually, I heard he blew it, got messed up in drugs again, and lost everything all over again. That was a while ago too now.
  5. This is great. It could be a nice homage to the SQ4 hintbook!
  6. Indeed. There definitely needs to be sarcasm. Something like Owens' but unique. It probably wouldn't be great to try to carbon copy Owens unless he was really really really really close.
  7. This was a great and well put together video. A lot of love and effort here. I don't agree with every point exactly, but it's nice to see such a strong expression from my corner of the "adventure debate" for once. I highly recommend watching all 3 parts! Even if you're not a fan of King's Quest or fantasy (looking at you, Troels :P), there's a lot of points here about Sierra adventure design in general, much of which you and Frede talked about at length in the BSD podcasts. Give it a view!
  8. Really? I thought it was rather lackluster. Early to mid-90s for me.
  9. Some third party interpreters for DOS claimed to have had more memory available to run more advanced fangames. I once tried the same thing you are with third party interpreters but couldn't get them to work woth any game, let alone SQ0. Won't work.
  10. Technically that's not what you intentionally set out to do, but as a result of your sabotage to another system, her cloaking device gets damaged and she can no longer hide. It had to do with the bananas.
  11. Once she enters the cave you exit the upper cave and then you should push the rock right away. The idea is that you're dead if she makes it out of that cave and miss your chance. I guess it's not actually a death if she never comes up....which is disappointing as I always rush to get it done to ensure the rock hits her because if she's in the cave she's got no where to go. It's the illusion of danger that causes panic. This seems obvious to me. I guess you didn't experience this. Lol EDIT: The proper sequence should have her shooting at you from the foreground while you head up the cave,
  12. It's not my name I'm worried about. It's my content. Besides that, I just don't like using it for anything but friends and family.
  13. See, I don't agree with any of that. I like the anonymity of forums most of all. I don't like the idea of linking my social media which I consider private to all these forums. It's bad enough that I'm on Sierra FB groups at all. I keep second guessing myself about leaving them. I used to only use FB for friends and family. I don't like people having that much access to me. I know you can change how much of your stuff is private and public, but it's just so much hassle when a forum easily circumvents these things by default. I'll never link a social media account with a forum.
  14. I was envisioning something like this a couple years ago. Nice to see it actually a reality. :)
  15. I've been going through the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games again for the first time in years. On hard difficulty...mostly. Without cheating. HARD. Currently on Mysteries of the Sith. I forgot how annoying handling the lightsaber in Jedi Knight/MotS is. Much more fluid in Outcast and Academy. I may move on to Outlaws after that. Never did play through it. The Jedi Knight Enhanced mod is pretty nice, though. It puts higher res textures and higher poly models into the game (mostly ripped from Jedi Outcast assets, it seems). It messes up in Mysteries of the Sith, though. And then of course ther
  16. It's a similar formula, a chord progression not exactly in scale. But it's in major scales instead of SQ5's minor...or whatever it was. Not really, similar in any other meaningful way.
  17. You must walk by the point where you use it at least once...afterwards it's not necessary....until it is.
  18. Bump I know, but Retro City Rampage DX now has a DOS version and a Win3.1 prototype!! I LOVE THE NERDERY!
  19. Finally played it. I sold enough Steam trading cards to buy the first chapter. It's quite good. Quite easy and short. But good. My previous concerns and qualms still apply (not enough interactions or things to interact with) except for the humour. I had said that it should be more serious and less whimsical. However, after playing it I actually laughed out loud on multiple occassions. I wasn't expecting it to be as funny as it was. It wasn't all humour, but the humour that was there was genuinely funny. I never found even Telltale's games as amusing. So I'll let it pass because it was done so
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