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  1. Ahhhhhh wish I was able to have backed.
  2. Banned? Lol that's too bad. A lot of people enjoyed it. The biggest issues people had were of the wire, knot, and shoe puzzles. I loved those. They frustrated me while I was trying to figure out how they worked, but that doesn't mean they're bad and it doesn't mean I didn't like them. Some people thought Act 1 was way too easy and Act 2 was way too hard. One person even said that there's a special place in hell for the person who designed the wiring puzzles. They weren't even that bad! Some people just freak out over that stuff. I was very surprised and happy to see that DF wasn't afraid of in
  3. Just finished Broken Age. Both acts. Right from the start. I purposely started over to experience the entire game in one sitting (well, not one sitting, but one playthrough with both acts in context). That's more like it, Tim. I wouldn't say quite up to Day of the Tentacle or other Golden Era game standards, but much much closer this time. I was scratching my head on a few occasions and when I was worried the game was over it carried on for even a little while longer than I expected it to. MORE of that, please! I was hoping for more locations than what we'd seen in Act 1, but judging by the co
  4. Aw and here I thought I finally had one over on Blocky! Lol. Oh well. I bow to your greater ingenuity and inquisitive mind. :)
  5. I remember "backstage" from SQ2, but not SQ3 for sure. Either way, it is already known on ScummVM. Oh well. Weird too because I was just looking at that page last week and it didn't click. I must have just absentmindedly equated it with SQ2 because of the similar activation phrase.
  6. It takes some getting used to. But really it's kind of easier once you grasp object oriented programming. Demaking games is certainly more possible now. As is remaking them. I'm already considering creating a KQ1VGA based on AGDI's graphics and KQ1SCI's code....just for kicks. :)
  7. So over at the SCIProgramming website, troflip (author of SCI Companion) has been working on a enw SCI decompiler which will decompile scripts with 99% accuracy from any SCI game up to SCI1.1. His new feature will be build into a new version of SCI Companion he's currently developing which will allow us to finally create SCI1.1 games. Which is just awesome. He's been decompiling various Sierra game sources at request and SQ3 was one of them. Cloudee, the maintainer and founder of SCIProgramming.com discovered a new (it's not actually new :( ) secret in Space Quest 3 that was not previously kno
  8. That's true, really. Can't copy Owens. it just comes out sounding like he's being copied. Maybe something in a new direction and original take.
  9. ahem...from one of my earlier posts above:
  10. "...those who aren't as informed." This is my point. Everything you need to know is in the Kickstarter updates that are emailed to you automatically. There's no reason to be any less informed than anybody else about what matters most about the project. I just don't understand how anybody could be worried about the project after that last update alone.
  11. To expound further, I say paranoid people shouldn't have backed in the first place because they should have known what backing a Kickstarter project entailed. It did not entail a guarantee of anything. Just a brighter hope. You are not owed anything for your money, save the rewards for the tier you backed at should the project get completed. Yes, should. It's not guaranteed. But that's why we backed, to make that more of a possibility and give them a chance. I feel like this is a no-brainer yet everyone thinks they're entitled to all these certainties. Yes, it's very nice that a lot of oth
  12. I just don't believe we need to hear from them. I take away that they are really busy working on the game which is time better spent. Also, Broken Age was just as late as SpaceVenture is and they just released. Granted they had the documentary videos, but they're also an actual dev company with offices and experience in running that business as well as a library of older titles to benefit financially from. Also, the documentary was part of the Kickstarter budget. The Two Guys don't have any of those advantages. This may just be me, but I really don't need a bunch of updates with a ton of v
  13. They just released a spectacular content-heavy update. Why do they need to confirm they still have money? It looks to be going swimmingly. If people are still going to question that after an official Kickstarter Update (not a post on Twitter or the forums here) then, well sorry, but no they don't deserve an answer. I didn't know Chris Pope before this either. I don't really need to. Why should I? Yeah we backed because of Scott and Mark. But they themselves can't praise Chris enough so I trust they know what they're doing. I don't need them to take time out of development to kick Chris off
  14. A list of all the lines were probably generated in a script for the recording studio. Many unneeded ones may have been caught but it's not unreasonable that some of them were overlooked and slipped in. Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing etc...
  15. So, that line on the Xenon streets is triggered by interacting with the gear and the gear flap on the Sequel Police ship (they both give the same message). However, I can't figure out exactly how to trigger it. It's under specific circumstances but I'm not sure what they are because the code is so obfuscated. There's a code block that checks something between two values and if their bits don't both equal 1 then Roger gets into the ship. But I have no idea what it's comparing. It's obviously some simple method of obtaining a certain result, I just have no idea what it is. return & global1
  16. There's a Python reference in Longbow too? I knew of the one in Camelot, but not Longbow...that's awesome. Christy must have been quite the Python fan lol.
  17. Which Space Quest Collection is this? One of the old ones or the 2006 Vivendi released one? It is possible with every version of an SCI game (excluding extremely old KQ4 and LSL2 copies) to drop files in the game folder and patch it. If it's not working something else is wrong. Probably with folder mounting/redirecting issues. If it runs in DOSBox then it's the DOS version. At this point you're better of using Collector's installers from Sierra Help Pages to install a fresh copy of the game as it'll set everything up in order for you where patch files will work.
  18. How are tou running it? Do you have shortcuts set up (aka do you click something and the game just goes) or do you launch dosbox manually and run from its command prompt (lots of typing)?
  19. Should just be able to drop the HEP file into the SQ4 folder. I just tried it. The time cheat works, but the blue frog line still isn't processed. Every interaction triggers the warp menu instead. It just was plain removed. But we can soon fix that with the possibilities of SCI Companion 3. :)
  20. It should just be a matter of dropping the 531.hep file into the game folder if you're playing the CD version (from the collections) or dropping the script.531 file into the game folder if you're playing the disk version. Can you post the contents of your RESOURCE.CFG file?
  21. :( Confirmation from someone in-the-know: So that rules it out completely. Only hope left is NRS's patched version...
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