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  1. Confirmed! More info: http://www.gog.com/forum/general/tomorrows_lucasart_releases_confimed_so_far/page1 So far Monkey Island Special Edition, Knights of the Old Republic, Tie Fighter Special Edition, X-Wing Special Edition, Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis, and Sam & Max Hit The Road are confirmed. I'm not sure if the Tie Fighter and X-Wing special editions are just the CD Collector's Editions (of which I have both) or if they've been enhanced or updated in some way. I tend to the the former, but we'll find out tomorrow! Personally, I'm very happy that Tie Fighter and X-Wing
  2. Not official yet, but all the evidence points to the fact that Disney is finally getting LA games going on GOG from the scrapped deal that the original LA was making with GOG before the buyout. Some more info and evidence in this post at the scummvm boards. http://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?t=13744 EDIT: Confirmed! More info: http://www.gog.com/forum/general/tomorrows_lucasart_releases_confimed_so_far/page1 So far Monkey Island Special Edition, Knights of the Old Republic, Tie Fighter Special Edition, X-Wing Special Edition, Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis, and Sa
  3. As a regular at Duke4.net, I've known about this for a long time. Fresch, the CEO of Interplay, has been coming to that community (as it's the largest Duke Nukem/3DR fan community on the web) for input and feedback. This website was orginally supposed to launch back in July. So glad it's now finally out and they've done a good job! I also had a bit of an in on it and was attempting to get a track of my own on the re-rockestrated album. Didn't happen, but my track will be used for something else in an official capacity which I'm excited about but can't talk about yet. Also, Frede, if yo
  4. Haha ok that's a little stupid. But not annoying. You'd have to be pretty dumb to do something like that. Besides, maybe the rocks are extra slippery and there were sharp ones he was impaled on.
  5. There's a difference between creepiness and fear. The latter I attribute to failing the game as well as tension/suspense/fright. I'm just not afraid of a game I can't fail in. It can be creepy and tense, but I'm not truly afraid. It affects me differently, personally. This is more subjective, of course. I was not afraid of anything in an LA adventure game. Granted, they're usually geared more towards comedy, but still...if there WERE deaths, I'd be more drawn into an atmosphere like the final areas of Fate of Atlantis (which was already very potent and enthralling!). Also, I know you CAN die i
  6. I refute this. She'd die by falling in the shower if she didn't take precautions first, like installing anti-slip pads in the shower. I submit that every death in a Sierra game is reasonable and has a purpose. Whether they're annoying or not is another matter. I've already refuted this before. :)
  7. I'm a big supporter of deaths, as most of you may know, and this is one of the primary reasons. The only LA game I was scared of was Maniac Mansion. It freaked me out when Ed went downstairs to get a snack from the fridge and I was in the kitchen. I was about 5 or 6 and I had already been playing Sierra games before that. I stopped playing immediately after that point lol. My dad just laughed at me. And the dialog was all campy and everything. So no matter how much they tried to play it down, I was still terrified because of what would happen to my character. And it was a real fear because it'
  8. Sorry, your attempts to render us mute will fail miserably. You can't just brush us aside.
  9. I'm bored and tired of him. Go away, Paul. Go away. You're not fun anymore. Even you disgracing yourself over and over again is no longer amusing.
  10. Hah nice try. Nobody would ever believe I was capable of that.... ....of course that just means I can get away with it easily...
  11. Alright, showing off time (though I don't have as much as I'd like, my wishlist is at least twice as large, I think). Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 Dungeon Keeper Gold™ Rise of the Triad (2013) Fallout Tactics Fallout 2 Warsow Flight of the Amazon Queen Stargunner Torchlight XIII Caesar 3 Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, The To The Moon Blackwell Bundle Botanicula Resonance Machinarium Collector's Edition Gemini Rue Stacking Legend of Grimrock Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition Retro City Rampage Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Emp
  12. That was really weird. Instead of repling to Troels's post, I edited it...including the quote. No idea how that happened. I had to dig through my trashed emails of reply notifications for this forum to find the original message. Here the original reply I meant to make. Nope. Not in my versions anyway. If he does show up it's a lot rarer than in the CD version that's for sure.
  13. SQXII was always scary. I was terrified of the slime, despite the whimsical music, just from the mere fact that I had to get out of its way. This was back on a Tandy 1000 so Roger had to be just as slow as the slime. The suspense of running away was too much. Also, the escape pod robot and the kissing alien from SQ2. In King's Quest, I was always terrified to enter the dark forest screens from the KQ1 remake where the enchanter, ogre, dwarf, and wolf could show up. To this day I avoid those screens because of that childhood fear. To be honest, most of my childhood fears of scenes in vi
  14. WOW. The continual unfolding of evidence of this man's substantial ego and exponential selfishness, which is only further enlarged when he is called out, is disturbingly massive.
  15. Ah, whatever :p. I like non-plot centric puzzles. Still, if they're not designed well they can still be bad. I think adding some extra puzzles would provide more of a reason to replay it, like I said before. They may just be bad at adding puzzles in that manner, though. I don't think it's a matter of adding what was missing. Some people probably think that's bad anyway, though. Maybe they should have added an option for the original experience or the extra puzzles. I'm not sure what to expect myself because I'm not very familiar with POS's styles of puzzle-design. Never did play episode tw
  16. So let me get this straight....they're complaining that a remake of an ADVENTURE game made a bad decision by adding PUZZLES....to an ADVENTURE game. Something that would make the experience of playing a remake of an ADVENTURE game more fresh and interesting. What in the heck were you expecting?
  17. Sounds like whoever told you this was slightly confused. There is a difference between the CD and floppy versions where the robot only comes randomly in the CD version and the zombie has to summon it in the floppy version. That might be what they're thinking of.
  18. Man I still haven't listened to the season two premiere yet...will have to do that tonight maybe.
  19. I was two when SQ1EGA was released...so what? :P Whoa, almost exactly two years apparently. It was in October.
  20. Yeah, Vonster really did think of every plothole there,.....that overly pedantic nut. :p
  21. I don't like any of the locations or the atmosphere in SQ6, except for maybe the shuttle which is pretty neat. I just think it's really really funny. I also think the voice actors are top notch. I love Roger's portrayal. I dislike the portrayals of Roger as being so dimwitted he can't even talk right. He's not a neanderthal, he's just very very clueless. Perfect representation in SQ6. Roger: "Hey, what the-....!" Gary Owens: "While we await a fully formed thought from Roger, it should be noted that there is some kind of toxic gas filling the room." Roger: "Hey! There's some kind of toxic g
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