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  1. I don't hate it. In fact I think it's probably the funniest in the series. I just think it's the least faithful to the series in terms of tone and presentation. It's a great funny science fiction adventure. Going inside a body is not very interesting. I never liked the characters either. Or the locations. It has this air of boredom around it. The jokes are funny, but I don't care about the story or the characters. It's just not interesting and not Space Quest enough for me. It's a decent game on its own, but as part of the SQ series it suffers. Not to knock on Josh's design too much, he's
  2. Ah Pcj was just lucky that I was late...I would have at least given him a good challenge. ...says the guy who took the longest to finish and ended up giving up at the end.
  3. I know what you mean. I usually get through KQ5 until the desert maze and then I'm like.....no. And that's is fairly early in the game. But if I get through that, then the rest of the game is a breeze. KQ6 I stop around the Cliffs of Logic I guess. It's not that I hate mazes or logic puzzles or anything. If I'm seriously wanting to go through a game I'll do it all, but if I'm just playing casually I have a breaking point. I don't think any of the original AGI games have this point. The only exception would be maybe the Skimmer sequence in SQ1. Or the dripping acid from the cavern. I like t
  4. This is really tough....I love replaying SQ4 to experience the atmosphere of the backgrounds and music, I love the isolation and DIY feel of fizimg the ship and escaping the trash freighter in SQ3, I also love exploring the exotic Labion planet with dangers everywhere. Think I'm going to have to go with SQ1 AGI, though. Such a feeling of adventure journeying through one crazy situation to the next. It feels like it's the game that covers the most distance so it feels longer, even though it probably isn't. Great atmosphere, too.
  5. What time is this gonna be anyway again? I suck at time differences. How many hours away is it? Sorry you can't make it, Frede. :(
  6. Ugh, I had to live with PC Speaker sound for AGI games for far too long, it was really annoying. Especially when I recalled hearing more instruments as a kid (we used to own a Tandy 1000). I was overjoyed when Dosbox came out and emulated it perfectly. ScummVM's Tandy sound is not 100% accurate, while DOSBox's is near perfect. I was just reading the undither thread at the SCUMMVM forums again a few weeks ago. What an ego-centric fiasco that was. That and the "we'll come to the rescue of the Mega-Tokyo SCI/AGI fangame community!" attitude while not even acknowledging Sciprogramming.com's ex
  7. What I don't understand is the intro of SQ4 states that Roger is returning to Xenon from his last adventure. Did he go through another black hole? What are the chances he'd end up back in his original dimension and not some random one of infinite possibilities? /overanalyzing
  8. Basically the animations. Items, props, actors, etc. Anything that's not a background.
  9. You generally won't see outsourced work credited. But I'm curious about this as well. I actually don't remember where I heard that it was outsourced. I don't know why I would believe it if it didn't come from an official source, but I could be wrong. Must have been a long time ago I heard it.
  10. I saw that video of Sommers' a little while back. I was quite impressed.
  11. I can almost guarantee that the preference at large would be due to the easier p&c interface rather than a preference of VGA's art direction over EGA's. Or even the simple fact that it's VGA and higher resolution, has a soundtrack, etc. Any bias towards the actual artistic direction would originate from that.
  12. You're one of those silly "less is more" people, aren't you? :p
  13. If you mean cheap as in financially, yes it is. If you mean cheap as in low quality, I've already refuted that with the MI2 example. Again, I don't believe Koreans make crap artwork. Their artwork is fine. I simply mean that it was outsourced and therefore by definition not part of the team. They got some quick artwork (that is more than competent in quality) to fish out a quick cash grab. They could have outsourced to China, Russia, New Zealand, or New Jersey. My reaction would be the same, unless the artwork had somehow randomly lived up to the style of the other games. Really it's not t
  14. Well, if you want to look at it that way you're also prejudice against the EGA version simply by the fact that you prefer the VGA version. Personal bias and opinion count as prejudice in that light. Scott and Mark are also prejudice against VGA in the same way. They're not assumptions. There's a difference between being contracted to be on a development team and being outsourced for a bit of art work or sound work etc (note the etymology: OUTsourced, as in "outside the team"). If they were a part of the team their names would be in the credits. That's something you don't get when people o
  15. Judgement Day. 1 had more in common with a typical 80s horror/thriller movie, which is a neat concept, but I prefer the action of 2. Also, as much as I appreciate what was accomplished with the simplicity of the first one, I love the score of the second. Similar to how I prefer Aliens to Alien. Though I do like Alien more than Terminator 1.
  16. I agree. I got bored and stopped playing. Will have to get back to it, though.
  17. It's a fact that outsourced artists don't know much about the source material. Just enough to go on to produce what the client wants. There's nothing prejudice about that. It's just true. They're not on the game design team working together to create something magical, they're not privy to the game design philosophies of Sierra, and they have a million other projects to worry about too. That's the nature of outsourcing contract work. Actually, if that's prejudice then it also applies to the remake "team" because, as Frede said, it was a cash grab. It wasn't a game that the Two Guys wanted
  18. It does, really :). My bad for confusing the two of you. I generally have always believed that racial prejudice is racism...isn't that the definition? At any rate, nobody is racist or prejudice here.
  19. What else could you be implying with words like "mockery" and phrases like "obviously bad quality" because "they're Koreans living in Korea"? Well, I don't run the site per se. I mean I do (with others), but I don't own it.
  20. Yes, it's lazy. And no it's not mockery. "Random" implies somebody or some people not invested in the project without any emotional attachment to the product just doing something for money. He/she/they don't really care beyond their paycheck. "Koreans" implies just how far removed from Sierra these people are. They're not just not a part of the same company or the same city, they're in another country altogether! Maybe they don't even do artwork exclusively for video games. So yes, "random Koreans" applies without being racist. I just don't agree that the style isn't consistent. I'm pretty
  21. Oh come on. Don't start that. It has nothing to do with them being Korean. Their artwork is quite fantastic, actually. It has everything to do with them not being Sierra in-house staff and not matching the vibe of the rest of the series. Actually, the fault really lies with Ken Williams and the art director(s) who signed off on it. It's not because "they're Korean". It just shows how lazy Sierra was in developing the game.
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