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  1. They made their funding. :) That's pretty good too, seeing as a couple days ago they were only at seventy something percent.
  2. If you're a backer you should be getting update emails from them every so often. One just came out a few days ago. Note, spacequest.net is not the website for SpaceVenture. We're merely hosting a small area of the forums for them.
  3. Absolutely. When beta testing starts we can start getting critical on design decisions.
  4. The last few comments on the update have actually been refreshingly positive.
  5. You're overstating things. I never really had a problem with them in any way, just that there were so many of them.
  6. Yeah, there are threads that they pick up on (aka extend) when you didn't expect them to come back, but I don't consider them whole story arcs like in X-Files or Stargate (where you DO expect them to come back).
  7. Not really, besides two-parters. The only time a story arc was connected by another episode was Too Short A Season and Conspiracy where an old Admiral friend of Picard's was paranoid about a corruption taking over the Federation. But it never went any further than that. There were reoccurring characters (like Lore and the Borg), but they were self-contained and not really arcs. Wil Weaton actually was looking forward to continuing story arcs, especially with Conspiracy, but was sad that it never really happened. They didn't start that kind of thing until DS9.
  8. TNG doesn't have a story arc. I'd liken this to something more like X-Files. Which is alright in my book! Telltale haven't really done a good job with the self-contained episodes, having abandoned it for just straight continuing serial stories.
  9. I've got so many things keeping me busy I don't have time to notice how long the development is. I'm fine with them taking all the time they need (short of 5 years or something).
  10. Yeah. The Two Guys have never had a problem with making games we like when they were at Sierra and not getting any fan feedback of what they wanted to see in the next game...unless there's something I don't know. True it's been a while since they've made a game, I choose to not worry. Feedback is good, but it can also be detrimental. If they try to appease everyone's desires they're not making a game they love in the end. I hope they take our feedback with a grain of salt and trust their instincts for the most part. If it flops, well it flops. But we all backed them to see them bring their bra
  11. It's just too early to tell, I think. This is supposed to be a full length adventure. We know that this station explodes shortly after the events of the demo so we can be fairly sure that it's a fairly short part of the game. We also know that there's a lot more to see and do as evidenced by that mysterious character peeking through the glass at the airlock and by Chris Pope saying there wasn't time to put him in. Plus we haven't seen the whole station yet. It could be huge with lots of things to look at. I wouldn't think there would be very many interesting things in a few hallways and a jani
  12. Well, I can understand if he wants to have more interesting things to interact with. I don't think that's an unreasonable request to make. Style or not. I just don't think it's anything to lose faith over.
  13. The alpha demo was exactly that. Alpha. Severely unfinished. Something the team only usually gets to test. Backers got to play it because they were nice and let us. Also they asked us to find any bugs we might/will see. It wasn't meant for public consumption. At least, that was my impression. Requesting more props is fair enough but I don't think there's anything to lose faith about at this stage.
  14. With the level of detail you can get from prerendered backgrounds just by the nature of how they're created, getting that from a handpainted image is a completely different workload. To say nothing of the artist's ability and/or style.
  15. My point is it would take far longer to put the level of detail that's in a prerendered image into a painted background.
  16. Those screens are 3d rendered and hand painted on top. Mark's artwork is not prerendered. Its either handpainted, digitally painted, composited, or all three. Which is pretty good compared to 3d. I like it.
  17. Pre-rendered screens or full 3d worlds? Sprites or models? Looks good!
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