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  1. The difference between SQ1VGA and Hurt is that Johnny Cash (or his people) asked Reznor's permission to cover it, which he granted. And as you've said, he really liked it. Two important factors that aren't mirrored in this scenario.
  2. Well, in all fairness, everyone was fuine until someone came in and criticized opinions... At any rate, I'm happy to go back to the fun.
  3. Ah great. Now the funny joke thread has turned into serios busnss debate.....sigh. Despite what you may think, it is ok to dislike something based on principle alone. And it's not a terrible principle. It makes sense and is a noble one in this case. Don't pass it off like it's not. Just as we all understand it's ok to like something even though the original creators do not. Opinions! Nobody's trying to tell you your opinion is stup-.....I mean, er.... I happen to dislike VGA's art direction, but I do like the remake itself. It does not to the original justice at all, though. I
  4. Oh...please. Don't. Have mercy. I can't go on.
  5. If you disagree then you're stupid. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you...
  6. Totally prefer Mark Crowe's original 80's styled edgy red and blue sci-fi art direction. Can't stand the sci-fi B-movie look. The music, though, is one of the better qualities of it for sure.
  7. Well if my wife will let me and doesn't have anything planned.
  8. Very nice! Good job! Love your renders!
  9. SpaceVenture hasn't finished anything yet, let alone a first half or part of a game. This doesn't bother me. Development times and money issues...I just don't care. If the game comes out and it's good then I consider it time and money well spent, both for myself and the developers. With DF, I had faith in them...faith that was misplaced. I don't like the game they ended up making. Of course, the second half could still be better, but I can't comment on it right now. All I know is that Act 1 is not what I wanted. If Act 2 is better then I'll change my tune.....I can't imagine that, though, beca
  10. Oh, I'm never funding anything by them again. Just from the fact that what I thought I'd be getting from them I didn't. This was my error I guess, not DF's, though. I thought I knew what kind of a game they were capable of making. The Broken Age outcome coupled with this news...no. Not again. I should add that I don't really care about the money "issues". Developing games is not an exact science. I don't care how it's funded as long as we get the game. The problem is how the game is developed. Of course, in this case it DOES have something to do with money I suppose.
  11. Everything in an adventure game is scripted. Everything that happens was thought of ahead of time. Right down to the way things move or walk.
  12. So a local radio station in my town had a summer show about video game music this year and asked me to come into their studio to do an interview seeing as I compose music for video games. We discussed, among many things, what makes video game music special, how composing for video games can be very different from any other media, I talked at length about Sierra adventure games and their soundtracks and the MT-32, and some of the music I've written for games in the past were featured, as well as some upcoming that haven't been released yet such as Mage's Initiation and another secret project.
  13. A fair compromise. Graham doesn't die from every fall, though. The tree in KQ1 is a good example. That's more than two inches. In fact once I get the egg I jump out of the tree to get going faster. This goes for the AGI version as well as the remakes. In KQ3 you can fall off the stairs in the secret lab and survive (in the same room as the lab not above). In KQ4 there are lots of falls that don't kill you.
  14. I haaaaaaaate the retry button. Screw that button. Might as well not even have deaths. Call me old fashioned, but I believe if you got yourself killed then it's your own fault that you didn't save. There's no threat to a death with a retry. It's part of the atmosphere. It adds to the tension. Retries completely ruin the whole point of deaths. That's my opinion which also happens to be fact and anyone who disagrees is wrong and needs to seriously reevaluate their life choices, values, and goals. You're also stupid.
  15. He also made a patch for QFG2's MTBLAST.DRV which disabled all digital sound effects for sounds that were all just lo-fi recordings of the MT-32 MIDI sounds themselves and leaving the only two unique digital sound effects in the intro for the genie's laugh and clap. He's done a lot of good work. He also provided me with tools for setting custom MT-32 and Adlib patches for SCI0 games. Was going to use them with KQ2SCI.
  16. Probably NewRisingSun, resident Sierra driver genius. He hangs out at VOGONS and QuestStudios forums.
  17. Indeed. AVGN is tons of fun. And he's really nothing like this character in real life. He's really down to earth, diplomatic, and even a bit shy, it seems like. At least, when he's not being the Nerd on camera he can be a little awkward. Great videos for a good laugh. So he doesn't like adventures. That's ok. Troels! I must have this adventure!
  18. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes Wait, Bob Seibenburg?? YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES
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