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  1. Ah yes, good to see you. ;) I'm a forum admin around these parts. I help out when I can (whenever there's activity, it's been a bit dead lately) and lay the banhammer down on spambots when they rear their ugly heads. Nice to see a new old fan here!
  2. I'll have to go with 4. But I think that's why I like it so much, strangely! Harder games seem longer, thus the game seems bigger. I always thought of SQ4 as an epic masterpiece.
  3. Possibly. Which may be the reason they haven't really considered it (to avoid a professional appearance and avoid legal issues). I'll talk to them again because I really think it's a good idea.
  4. Indeed. Thanks for the voluntary service, dude.
  5. Yep, that's it. Although, an image similar to this already exists so I don't know why he felt he needed to create it. Did you just not know about it?
  6. I think the heart of the matter here is that dlee7283 believes everybody is like him and uses Facebook just to throw everybody he knows, doesn't know, or has heard of just to get a bigger friends list. That's not what what everyone uses it for. I only use it to stay in touch with my family, close friends, and friends I used to know and lost contact with.
  7. There are no updates anymore because there's nothing to update. Is that simple enough? What are they going to update?
  8. Sounds like you're the douche here. If the SQ community is dead (which it basically is) there's nothing wrong with moving on. Jess doesn't owe anything to the SQ community and is doing will for himself. Just because he won't update the Broomcloset (with nothing new to add at that) doesn't mean he's a douche. It means you're a douche for being so unrealistically demanding. People have lives and need to live them, and it sounds like Jess's is a good one. Also, I don't just friend people on Facebook either even if they are a member of the Sierra community. I have to be good friends with them to p
  9. No, and it won't be in the foreseeable future.
  10. Yeah, team development is a different animal altogether, if you've got the teammates. That kind of thing is usually kept hidden, though, IMO.
  11. I wouldn't personally start a forum for anything until it got enough popularity. Enough to warrant its own community.
  12. It doesn't need to be a fancy shmancy website. My KQ2SCI website was very very simple. Just information and screenshots/videos as I chose to update. It's offline now, but I'm trying to put it back together again so people can find it online. It's nice for projects to have a home. Makes it easier to link to and spread awareness.
  13. You are indeed appreciated for your efforts, Frans. Both past and present. And future! (Y)
  14. Yes, the Space Quest Special Edition pictures. I remember those. I have them somewhere too. Those few pictures were what originally sparked an immense interest in me to see Sierra classics remade.
  15. Oh yeah...SQ1VGA Retro Edition. I remember I started that a couple years ago. Never finished it. Maybe I should go back to it...
  16. He's looking for the author because of some source code related issues that will help with SCI integration development in ScummVM.
  17. Unfortunately, this guy dropped off the face of the earth some time ago. I've no idea what's become of him or how to contact him. You could try emailing him through his forum account here possibly. EDIT: His profile has this email address: sciviewer[AT]yahoo[DOT]com. That's probably your best and only bet unless he shows up again.
  18. I have to say the masterpiece that is SQ4.
  19. Wow, that is neat! And yeah, it only had one seat. That's ok.
  20. Skull Fighters and the Aluminum Mallard in Lego would be quite a thing to see....if someone does it, provide instructions also! :D
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