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  1. I just voted for your website :)
  2. The kickstarter is going up :) I feel confident that it will make the goal! Like earlier posters said, you have to take into account that kickstarters always experience as surge in the final days. Also, if these alleged interviews ever finally start popping up on the web, that could give it a boost as well :)
  3. We should e-mail them, and ask them to promote SpaceVenture :)
  4. That was pretty funny :) I'm a love Futurama, so it was cool to see Billy West and John Dimaggio do those lines.
  5. Nice promo, I laughed at your clever use of the SQ4 zombie! :) Good job!
  6. Is this legit? Did I miss it, or is it just speculation right now? :)
  7. This is terrible! I really feel for you =/ The only boxed SQ game I have is 4, which is also my favorite :)
  8. I LOVED this prototype :) The coloring on the artwork really made a huge difference, and the dialogue was hilarious :)
  9. I just finished Vohaul Strikes Back and Incinerations back to back, and I really enjoyed both of them :). Right now I am playing Bastion, and I might start Runaway 3 after that. I've also been playing the official Space Quest games :)
  10. Hello! I am a 26 year old male from somewhere in the midwest USA :). I recently moved south, and I am currently unemployed, but I hope to rectify that soon, working with computers, in which I have my university degree. The first computer game that I have memories of, is Space Quest 1 EGA, having watched my father play it on our old Tandy 1000. Later on, I got old enough to play it myself, along with a bunch of other Sierra adventures that we had, but Space Quest 1 and 2 were always my favorites. Later on down the road, I got Space Quest 4, which is still my favorite computer game ever (Or at least tied with Planescape: Torment) and it cemented Space Quest as my favorite computer game series. I also enjoy history, and geekie things :) I'm noticing a trend here.....
  11. nice artwork. Fester ended up looking a bit different in the final game.
  12. The Two guys are discussing SpaceVenture and Space Quest live! http://www.twitch.tv/andromedaguys Join us and stuff.
  13. It's pretty neat :) Add in some extra avatar choices, and it could turn into something really cool!.
  14. It looks pretty fun, and a number of my gaming buddies seem to love it. The only problem that I have with it, is the requirement for a constant internet connection for single player mode, but i'll probably still try it ;).
  15. I don't use an IOS devices, but the voice parser does sound like a cool idea. I'm really excited to see some of the artwork :) It will probably end up as my desktop background ;)
  16. I support this idea! although I have no video making skills :).
  17. Yeah, they chatted with us and gave some SQ trivia, and talked about SpaceVenture :). It was neat to see Murphy talking about the games as they were being played. It was almost like a bit of a running commentary :).
  18. I remember playing this game with my dad many years ago :) Maybe I should give it another go!
  19. I'll try to get up early enough to watch it :) Wait, get up early on a saturday morning to watch someone else play games? Maybe I've lost my mind!
  20. I LOVED Dragonsphere! The graphics and animations rival Sierra on their best day, and the voice acting is pretty great too :) I liked the puzzles, but I did find the interface to be a bit frustrating. Gran Callahach is a bit similar to Daventry, but darker in my opinion.
  21. Nice, well produced video :) The face punch was pretty funny, considering that I remember at least one of them joking about this before.
  22. Did anyone else see this movie? I thought it was pretty awesome, myself. I will confess that I never read any comic books growing up, but I still really enjoy the Marvel movies, and I honestly think that this is their best one yet. It has great action, humor and pacing, and it is just pure fun from from beginning to end. I did notice one thing that seemed like a plot hole to me, but I won't mention it here, since maybe you all didn't see the movie yet. Also, it is the first movie I saw in imax, which was interesting, but not really as big of a deal as I expected.
  23. Chrono

    TV shows

    I pretty much only watch Fringe, Bones and Community. A Star Trek marathon sounds interesting. I think most of the Star Trek's are on Netflix too.
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