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  1. It's not my fault half this community is related to B-list pop stars of the past 20 years. At least Scott is open about his involvement in the early years of the Dropkick Murphys.
  2. Sheryl. We all know Mark Crowe's wife is Sheryl. Much like decafjedi's is Alainis.
  3. I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms. Why is drdrslashvohaul (if that is his real name - probably someone on the dev team) ridiculing a backer's genuine concerns? I am sick of people dismissing legitimate criticism with childish jokes. This simply will not do. Why don't you just mary Mark Crowe if you love him so much?
  4. Ah. So you've got your ready made excuse to light the torches and grab the pitch forks on 01/04/15? ;)
  5. Was going to draft a full reply, but then I saw this. You've clearly never watch South Park, or at the very least haven't seen it in the past 10 years. Possibly the best satire on TV at the moment. I'm a university lecturer and use it as a teaching aid. If you haven't seen it recently, I'd urge you to do so. If you have and still think it's fart jokes, then it's clearly gone straight over your head. I'm not asking for stuff to be banned, either, which undermines that point you made. So... meh. Boring argument is becoming even more boring. Time to bow out.
  6. Did they? I know they're aiming for early 2015, but I thought they were quite deliberate in not promising anything like a firm ETA.
  7. I've sort of said this on the twitters, but there's not enough room there for nuance, so forgive me. I don't think that episodic anything really works unless one starts the project from the outset to be so. There may be natural breathing points where one could end a "chapter", but if a story arc is supposed to be in one piece it takes an awful lot of work to make it fit to two or more pieces. A game like Space Quest III, for example, couldn't be episodic. The whole exploration thing simply wouldn't work. You'd also have problems with SQ4 and SQ5. Sure, you could instigate insta-death
  8. The hilarious thing is, though, Sarkeesian starts each video with "I still like video games, I just find some of these things problematic. Yes, you'll find examples that go against these tropes, but these tropes are still far more common than the exceptions - that's what makes them tropes." And she often takes time to praise the games that she thinks offer a great counter-balance. The people who don't like her, though, immediately ignore the caveats - and crucially ignore what she's trying to do - to jump straight on the attack. I don't find all of her arguments convincing, and I do th
  9. There's also the issue that if 1,000,000 video games have been made, and 1% have strong female leads, one should be able to find 10,000 examples. Doesn't mean there isn't a gross imbalance.
  10. Right. Again... I'm failing to see the issue here. Explain to me what the problem is of someone demanding change. The developer is under no obligation to acquiesce. Whatever the accuser's moral position, there's no need for the developer to agree. I'm struggling here. I think the only way to ever have a debate is to try to understand the other side of the argument, but I'm really struggling to see what the point is.
  11. To clarify (since we were writing at the same time), the "anti-PC bore" stuff came primarily from what you said. And the whole point of this latest exchange has been to try and understand why you believe you aren't an "anti-PC bore", and to try to understand where you're coming from. And the "conservative" part again is in inferred from the things you've said. But I don't mean as in you're a Republican voter, religious or somehow a typical right-wing person; rather that in the specific world of computer gaming you seem to imply that there was a better time and that recent changes (includi
  12. OK. We're veering away now from what I'm trying to get at, so let's go with this. Fine - you think there was artistic merit to Hotline Miami 2. For argument's sake, let's say you're right (and since I haven't played the game, that seems reasonable). And let's just say for argument's sake that the reviewer was "wrong" - either because you disagree with her stance, or feel that she's "missed the point" (both reasonable objections). This just brings us back to an earlier point - that people are free to criticise, and game makers (and fans) should be able to justify their editorial de
  13. Except the point is not to ban or criminalise these games. It's to criticise them. And, hopefully, make sure that ones in the future aren't as bad. You're right about sincerity and manipulation not being mutually exclusive, and about Mrs Lovejoy. However, there is a massive difference between hysterical wailing and a reasoned argument. The rhetorical flourish about 1 in 5 victims is meant as a reminder that these issues aren't trivial, not a blanket statement that 1 in 5 women will have a problem with the game. It's called rhetoric. Anyway, I suppose this is what I'm trying to get at
  14. Which is fair enough. I can only base on assumptions when I have little to go on. This is how your arguments came across. I'll await your reply. I haven't played it. But my decision to do so is based mainly on not tending to play those sort of games and a lack of interest rather than any reviews or attitudes towards it. A lot of people told me Sim City was a DRM shitfest. So, despite being a fan, I didn't buy it. It seems that was the right call, as a lot of people who did buy it and whose opinion I respect also felt it was a waste of money and time. The question is whether
  15. Nobody with half a brain thinks that they'll change the world by criticising computer games. What they do believe is that if discrimination is challenged in video games, tv, film, art, politics, the work place, etc. etc., that winning small battles over time will cause more widespread and more meaningful change. Because the point is there is no "the" man. It's a cultural thing we're all a part of. However, some benefit more from that status quo than others, and have a vested interest in conserving that world. But that's by the by. I'm a little confused by what you think "political co
  16. No, not really. Not played the game, don't care either way. Don't care if you don't find Mobius sexist, don't care if you don't find anything sexist quite frankly. Simply a bit bored of the idea that those who DO find such things problematic are immediately dismissed as "faux". Criticise them for being hyper douchebags all you want, but I just don't understand why you can't understand how they might sincerely hold those beliefs. I think the clear answer to all these problems is just to ban opinions. They do nobody any good, and it makes it very hard for those in charge to do their jobs
  17. So this. And if you don't want to record your voice, send me the questions and I'll Pete Tolemanify them.
  18. We're delving into the irony circle of doom, here, but it does seem (as JimmyTwoBucks amusingly put it) as if people defending the game makers are being accused of dismissing criticism as a way of blindly dismissing their criticism of the criticism. And, again, the internet sustains its heroic level of lack of self-awareness and the cycle continues. I do believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion. In some circumstances expert opinion (i.e. those with professional experience of this or similar projects) is preferable in arriving at a judgemet; in others, fan opinion (i.e. those w
  19. But it's FAUX outrage, Frede! Stop being so fucking obtuse! People find things to get pissy about for the sake of it. It's impossible to have a sincere thought on the internet.
  20. To avoid making people bored, or so the Two Guys can avoid communication with people who are boring?
  21. a ) All the recordings are done separately. b ) It isn't the job of the podcast to "grill" the Two Guys & Pope. That's the job of the gaming press. I'd like answers to those questions too, but I wouldn't expect it from a semi-official outlet. Perhaps Pete Toleman should interview him and get to the bottom of just why they suck so hard. ;)
  22. < insert Pete Tole comment about immigrants > I've been playing strategy games mostly, as there seem to be quite a lot of "Theme Park"-inspired games from indie developers that are really quite complex and well-thought-out. I suppose the relatively modular design pattern makes it the kind of thing that one or two guys (British gender-neutral usage) in a virtual office can hook up reasonably quickly to a working standard, and then build up from there. The graphics can be more than a bit simplistic, but they do a job. In that vein: Prison Architect (Alpha, in the Steam sale) -
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