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  1. I think "outdated" also applies to the right tool for the right job. Parsers were removed primarily because, as Collector alludes to, it's easier to design a passable point n' click interface than a good parser. By the same token, for most gameplay needs better 3D graphics convey more information in a more pleasing format. But if you design a game around certain mechanics, old 3D or a parser might be a better tool to get you where you want to go. Horseshoes are "outdated" because so few people have horses. But for the ones that do... Anyway. I like a good parser. A GOOD parser. And I t
  2. I've seen FTL, but never yet been tempted to get it. I'm holding off on a number of games like that until I've got a new PC (and a full-time job...), but that and Rimworld really appeal to me as potential purchases. I love those sort of kickstarter/indie games that are much cheaper than the AAA titles and focus primarily on gameplay rather than flashy shit.
  3. Meh, I find it quite funny (though I like to switch my brain off from time to time in front of mush). But I've never got Seinfeld. It seems uniquely "New York" sort of humour, or at the very least North American. It never did well over here in England, and I can see why. Moving the topic on a bit further, to the borders betwixt fact and fiction, have any of "y'alls" played Kerbal Space Program? It's bloody genius, and NASA wants to use it to teach kids basic orbital mechanics. You basically build rockets in a sandbox and explore a fictional solar system based loosely on our own. But it us
  4. My favourite sci-fi is the Star Trek universe. My favourite comedy sci-fi is Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy (the original radio series). I'd even probably put Red Dwarf ahead of Space Quest, though they're obviously different media. "Drama" is not really the same as "deep", and this is why I also prefer TNG to DS9, though both are brilliant. I enjoyed the character development and interaction in DS9 (just recently completed a complete re-watch of that), but I think the individual sci-fi stories in TNG were much better. In an almost completely unrelated note, it's why I love South Par
  5. The other reason may have been that people were "re-making" games only 5-10 years after they were originally released. For real nostalgia value, you've got to at least pretend to wait a bit. If SQ1VGA had never happened, a SQ1 remake would be great for modern machines. I think the SQ2VGA fan game is a good example of how it could have been done so much better. But this is what you get for making a decision based on potential sales rather than what has artistic merit... :P On that note, 2016 is the 30th anniversary. Anything being planned (since now is the time to do it!)?
  6. I don't mind the conclusion. Or rather, I don't mind that the author doesn't like the project. (S)he is well within his/her rights to not like SpaceVenture, not like the Two Guys, not like the way the social media is handled, and everything else. What I have a problem with is the complete non-sequitur between the first half of the article and the second. I don't understand how they got from point A to node 2. What I also have a problem with is the complete lack of evidence for the conclusion. What exactly did the Two Guys say on Twitter that was so bad? What spoilers have they released
  7. Ooooh, you're teetering over both the poor-bashing and race-bashing precipice here. Careful lest you lose your footing. :)
  8. As an aside, one of my favourite games ever is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And it's because the story telling is so good (even if it loses its way in the final third). It's one of the reasons I don't tend to get on well with other "mainstream" games, but GTA has always had enough clever humour and social commentary behind the blood and gore to make it worth playing. It would just be grotesque murder porn if it didn't do that. (See: Manhunt.)
  9. Revisiting what worked in the past and updating it to fit with modern sensibilities == good. Simply going back to what was done in the past because it was all wonderful == bad. This is effectively the problem with modern politics too, but I digress. I do think Purple Tenticle has misinterpreted what Fred is saying. The 1990s should be remembered, but critically and with the benefit of historical hindsight. What I mean is - don't see the 1990s as a list of great games. Properly look at what was good, what was bad, and why it worked in the specific context of its time and space. A l
  10. Gravity had jet packs and ships exploding.
  11. Meanwhile, In Wales... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8484116.stm
  12. To my eternal shame - Dwarf Fortress and Total Extreme Wrestling (not at the same time... although...)
  13. Wow, Soylent Green! You haven't seen one of these in years. Not since the Xenon Food and Drug Administration found it to contain 99% sugar, 1% MDMA... Uses for it? The stuff itself is quite ghastly, but the cup can be used as a bird feeder. If you have a coaster, you can turn it into a makeshift mousetrap. It can impregnate up to 300 invertebrate species on Kalron VI. The straw can be used to both suck AND blow. Legal tender in Detroit.
  14. I think it's performance art. It's like the WWE. The lines between reality and kayfabe are too blurred for those outside the industry to fully comprehend.
  15. How can he possibly think that this behaviour achieves ANYTHING? He must be talented though. I find it difficult enough coming up with 3-minute story lines for an out of touch maniacal games CEO. He lives it.
  16. That is quite a sexist thing to say. But since I assume you mean no malice, perhaps you should think about why that could be construed as offensive. Who gives a damn how Judge Judy or Bertha behave? Is there a specific way women are supposed to be? Meek, polite, not "a bitch"? Why are men not held up to the same standard? Is Barney from How I Met Your Mother "rewarded" for his behaviour? What is the standard by which women should be judged? If a woman wants to say "outrageous" things, why the hell shouldn't she? Why shouldn't a woman in a position of power be condescending and patronis
  17. Ah, but you're assuming companies make decisions based on industry-agreed metrics, logic and trust. We all know it's about who you know and whether you can pitch it in the right way.
  18. Women can be whatever they want to be, but I would argue PEOPLE are supposed to be kind, sensitive and caring. Not really a gender issue. ;)
  19. Reviving the series, in technical terms, wouldn't be overly complex. The SQ2 remake shows, for example, that a relatively small team of "amateurs" (and I use that to mean "not getting paid" rather than judging their talent) can put together a game of as much polish as the early 1990s Sierra adventures with a small budget. So, a professional game of that quality should be pretty easy to put together. The potential profit to be made, therefore, relative to investment could be quite good. The problem is, doubling an investment of, say, $100,000 still only nets you 200 grand. Which just isn't
  20. In which case, I hope Paul's contribution to the next episode doesn't offend you too much, ey.
  21. Even if he's still in charge of the company or whatever, he needs to withdraw from social media, and (whether honorific or not) give someone else the title of CEO and full control of external communications. He can still run the company, but he cannot be a public face in any way, shape or form. Then he needs to completely shut himself off from making comments outside his office walls and concentrate on rebuilding the reputation of his company by making good games and providing excellent service. Then, and only then, can he even contemplate trying to rebuild his own image. Which, quite fran
  22. If only women were more passive and meek, none of this would happen. I blame giving them the vote.
  23. To quote the big man himself -- "don't believe the quotes in the article. It was really due to Paul's actions and learning about them from you and all." (link)
  24. This sounds like a Toleman-esque approach to video game creation. I like it.
  25. Without wanting to sound too harsh, you're unlikely to get anyone reliable and/or talented without explaining exactly what it is you plan to do, how you plan to do it. I mean, even something basic like what type of game it is, what your influences are, how you intend to work. Right now, this doesn't say anything. And I don't feel confident about your chances.
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