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  1. Soccer is better than life itself. The rioting is just the garnish that makes it so damn tasty. It's also good having a "world" champion that, you know, actually includes the rest of the world (and no, letting Candians play doesn't count).
  2. I think what we're all forgetting here is that the World Cup starts on Thursday. We don't have time to play a computer game.
  3. Aren't mea culpa and pro bono pretty common phrases? Like rendez-vous, coup d'etat and schedenfreude? Though to be fair, the person I've seen using them most is Fred, who's European like me. Perhaps it's a Eurotrash thing. One thing I am seeing in the Kickstarter comments are some reasonably legitimate points about deadlines and wasted time (even if they do come wrapped in bile and insult). In that sense, I think it's a good thing that the latest update has admitted to making mistakes (without needing to go into them and inviting more uninformed crap), and then set out a broad road map fo
  4. First off, that poster is fucking hilarious. Props. Second, I don't think people are being "hyper defensive" as you claim. If anything... well, we've had this discussion about irony before. Criticism of a criticism is not intended to silence debate. It continues it. Some of the phrasing could have been better, perhaps, but come on. If you want the freedom to disagree with people, you've got to afford them the same courtesy.
  5. "Listening" is a very different concept to "doing exactly as people want", though. If you have faith in something, you should be willing to put your balls on the line for it. Some pretty important people have been plain wrong on a number of things. :) I'm not saying that's specifically the case with regard to swiping (I also didn't care for it), but developers have a much better overarching view of what the game does, what it's supposed to do, and where it's going. There were loads of bugs and problems with the original demo, the fixing of which might make swiping a pretty cool addition f
  6. Well, personally I think it's very telling that there are no black or female faces on those posters. I DEMAND THEY BE SCRUBBED FROM TEH INTERNETZ.
  7. Blazing Saddles (like The Producers) works because it sends up the racists - it uses racist language and images to show just how fucked up we are as a species, and how idiotic humanity is. It is a diatribe against racism, and this is why it works. It isn't politically correct, and is one of the reasons why I would also not consider myself as part of this caricature of "the PC police". I love things like South Park and Mel Brooks' works that attack our idiocy through exposing it in parody. If a piece of art, a computer game, a movie, or whatever else can do that and make a legitimate point, the
  8. First off, at least I was trying to be civil. Second, I am not "the PC police." Third, my issue is over the idea that women OR men are "expected" to behave in a certain way. I agree with most of what you say about psychopaths and manipulators. My point is that there's no need for it to be about gender. My points about male behaviour were a request to think about it, not an assertion that men should or shouldn't do anything. Beatrice is a bad PERSON, not a bad woman. A simple idea. A simple request. One which you're more than welcome to ignore, if that floats your particular boat. B
  9. Because it's all bad. I agree, the majority of the bile should be focused on those who are committing active hatred against minority groups (and people like Fry and Tatchell do an excellent job). But you can't use the excuse that "oh, they're worse" to excuse bad behaviour that, as a whole, is damaging to a society. The more insidious forms of discrimination we have in society are still very damaging. And from time to time people need reminding of that. I get why people get annoyed at protesters. But what I don't understand is why people are so quick to get hyper-defensively angry wheneve
  10. Because you are rarely, if ever, excluded from power in society because of your masculinity or your whiteness. Non-white, non-male people are put in those positions far more often. There might be a number of other issues fucking you over, though. The focus on the perfect body; class; the pressure men put on other men to behave like "real" men; and so on.
  11. I want to change my mind on what I find most annoying. It's Fred's modesty. He's far more eloquent than most English speakers that I know. Sorry, I'm slipping into Toleman again. I genuinely need help.
  12. And I agree. But you can only get to that stage when people are genuinely equal. It suits those with a disproportionate amount of power to think their words are neutral, when they're anything but. Language is never neutral. But it's also a clumsy tool. What people mean, what they say and what people hear aren't necessarily the same thing, and that's not always the fault of the speaker. I believe that we should focus on the intent behind words, like George Carlin. But when someone gets offended (whether they are justified or not), all I would like is for people to reflect on how they may hav
  13. Precisely, Troels. I know. And I agree with you. The point is, if you're accused of such behaviour, make that very argument and move on. Exactly. So, defend your editorial choices and move on. Simple. My point is that some people see it as an issue, some people don't. That debate shouldn't be stifled by either side. I do agree, however, that the political left has cried wolf a fair few times. But just because they've made some stupid arguments doesn't invalidate all of them. And again, just because some editorial choices can be defended doesn't mean there isn't a probl
  14. And here's the hyperbole again. Game developers are more than welcome to disagree with the complaints they get. Just as those who want to see attitudes changed can make their demands. I don't see what the problem is. If the developers don't see themselves as sexist or racist, then they should be able to defend themselves pretty easily against any accusations. And conversely, those who think otherwise can know whether to steer clear of the product. There is also a massive difference between "don't play Mario because the damsel trope is sexist" and "Mario is a good game, but it would be good
  15. And given that LSL was always tongue in cheek (and in other places too), engaging with it might have uncovered some of the great humour in the series. It is worth noting the article was written by a Brit (I'm assuming you guys across the pond/Channel have zero clue who Rory McGrath is), and LSL is very hyper-American. It's a piss take on the US porn culture and a multitude of other things, most of which I'm not sure most of us Commie Limeys really "get". That said, a lot of the jokes the author makes in that article are pretty funny - and probably mean nothing to people younger than 25 living
  16. It's the melon puzzle that really crosses the line.
  17. Right on, brother. Who gives a fuck if prevailing attitudes against women and ethnic minorities keep white men in power. I'm a white man. Why should I give a shit? The only thing more annoying than a PC bore is an anti-PC bore. I have no problem with jokes or themes that aren't "polite", providing there's a point to them and providing they fit properly within the context of the story that is being told. It's the unthinking, cliché drivel that turns me off. A film like Dallas Buyers Club, for example, isn't PC, but tells an important story about how screwed up the world is/was. A film that
  18. *IF* they're at the stage where the need to contemplate this, I would rather they admitted financial problems and invited fans to help them get over the line than release an episodic adventure. Or that it will take another 12 months while Scott gets a part time job at a local bar. But above all my concerns about how it "ought" to be done, I want a game. No matter how many pieces it comes in.
  19. Even if I sort of agree, they're obviously not going to release their best stuff right now. The style of the Crowemurphyist cult (as led by the Space Pope) has been to release pretty underwhelming spoilers, with the hope that hardcore fans will be turned on (without spoling the actual plot/surprises for said fans). Is that a good strategy? I don't know. But I would see these scenes as "typical" or "average" examples of what's going on. Not the best-of-the-best. But I don't know anything. If I ran a games company, I'd probably base it around boobs. Toleman isn't as much as a caricature
  20. If people with money can't dictate to the poor what clothing is acceptable, where will it end? It all went to hell on a hand cart once we let people without property vote, imo. ;)
  21. I think the HTML 5 environment would be a good place for small "episodes" to be released. Sort of 30 minute adventure games, with a parser being part of the fun of interacting with the story. Serena (although not a parser, obviously) showed brilliantly how a short story could work in a computer game environment, and not sacrifice artistic merit for the sake of brevity. </cannot_be_said_without_sounding_wanky>
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