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  1. Lovely :-) Btw anyone have any infos on why we haven't been charged by KS yet? I hope the "Andromeda triangle" is not involved in the delay...
  2. Congrats everyone. Proud to be in a community with such dedicated fans.
  3. I agree, at this point what matters is getting the project funded and fully in the hands of the two guys. However I'd be extraordinarily disappointed if we found that gamespygeek was only the tip of the iceberg and those initial problems Frede mentioned in post #32 also came in the "package". Those left the kickstarter with almost no media exposure for two weeks and we, the fans, could only do so much to help during that time. I think we'd be in much better shape now if things had started off at full speed as they should. As it stands we'll be glad to make the bare minimum. Now,
  4. The theories claiming PT is being framed seem to ignore the fact that Gamespygeek started posting early on the Leisure Suit Larry campaign, with posts that were very defensive of LSL and Replay. His first post on the LSL project comments is dated April 4. The negative posts started only with SpaceVenture, with the 'opening salvo' made in the update of May 21. Sam Suede only launched their Kickstarer on May 30. How could Wisecrack predict the developments that followed and make those posts under Gamespygeek's name so well in advance? IMHO if they could do that they'd be funding Sam S
  5. Rahul I love your work, really do - and seeing the amazing recent prototypes I'm 100% on board with using HTML5 for the game. ....but can we get that HTML5 plea page to validate as HTML5? :) http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fhelpthetwoguys.handcraft.com%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0 Thanks :)
  6. I posted about this here the other day but removed it as there is an investigation pending, I think only Rahul saw it. But to be honest this has haunted me since then. On the other hand Gamespygeek was very supportive and ultra-defensive of the Leisure Suit Larry campaign. His comments there where: Completely opposite. Seriously if this guy is not Paul Trowe I'll eat my hat. I don't know what caused his change of heart towards SpaceVenture, just hope the Two Guys haven't made a deal with him.
  7. Haven't we seen already that these a waste of time? Studying the Kicktraq trends for those days shows it didn't amount to much. This is probably why: "According to Google DoubleClick Ad Planner's estimate, the median U.S. Reddit user is male (72%), 25–34 years of age, has some college education, and is in the lowest income bracket of US$0–$24,999." (source: Wikipedia) IMHO time is best spent creating a better PR campaign for the general media. Engagement there has been very low (article got 4 comments on The Verge??!?!? It's sad). Maybe have some cool art to show?
  8. Please no hangouts, use a proper gaming network thing like http://www.twitch.tv/ instead. We can get way more exposure to gamers that way.
  9. The way I read it they're saying that they don't know what they'll use yet, but if it turns out to be HTML5 they'll pack the browser in the background so you get one single executable. Some apps are done this way on the iPhone, Adobe released this technology where you make your app in HTML5 and it wraps it with a browser engine for you. The same works for Steam. Biggest engine for this is from appMobi, but looking at their app gallery at http://www.appmobi.c...t/built-appmobi can't say any of them are that good :unsure: Flash has a few years advantage on this yet. Probably why Mac
  10. Yeah, but then they said in the update that the final game wouldn't be anything like the prototype, like browser based and stuff? That's what confused me, seems to be some parallel gig and not actually the taste of actual game most would expect?
  11. Was it just me that was left a bit disappointed with the demo? Yes I know it's a prototype, but a prototype of what exactly? Honestly I'd rather have seen some game art or music. Demos like this one may be a bit of fun and interesting for us longtime fans, but can't see it excite new pledgers. Maybe it even scares them away.
  12. I've stopped going to AdventureGamers too. Most there seem to come from some adventure parallel universe or something, I just can't relate to their comments and experiences.
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