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Just something i whipped up


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Hey all,


Just thought I would share some more fan art that I did in my spare time.


The first is an animated png image and therefore needs to be viewed in either firefox or opera. Also thankyou frans for permission to use images from your site.




I have also attempted to create a Firefox SQ persona. I have submitted it and am waiting their approval. this may takea couple of days.


Hope you like

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A ten second video of my Daz3d rendered apeman talking. The voice over was from sq4 and worked into the render using mimic pro.


The original version of this file is extremely large in size.

Rendered @ 2688 x 1258 and 62fps it was 317.52MB and took a total rendering time 17 hours 32 minutes 37.31 seconds.


Using Windows Live Movie maker I dropped the resolution to 1440 x 1080 and dramatically reduced the file size to 5.71MB. However due to restrictions on deviant art wmv are not allowed so i have converted it to flv via Adobe media encoder and the file size is now roughly 8MB. This in turn had to be converted to SWF via flash.


Processor: Intel Core2 Duo T6400 @2.00Ghz

Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330, 512MB DDR2

Ram: 4GB DDR2

OS: Win 7 ultimate x64


I seriously need a faster system to do this sorta work.

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Ouch, man. 17 hours? You have double my processor power, and yet I could probably render something like this in 10 minutes. Check your render settings. For the purposes of this animation, a 640x480 render (or less) at 24 fps would suffice.


Otherwise, I like the model. Now I'm considering using some of Gary's work for my own reel when the time comes. The animation looks automated, though. I'm guessing you just drop the voice file in and the program does the rest procedurally?

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Just set up a new youtube channel and posted another quick animation.


More of the monkey men, dancing this time. There are a few flaws and no audio but as a learning exercise im happy.

Come and have a watch and tell me what you think.


Also check out my Tin Duck http://wilconologist.deviantart.com/art/Tin-Duck-V1-218488721

This was done using a modified version of the .obj file posted in the missing sq stuff thread. Thanks pcj.

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thanks for the feedback. I'll give em another go and try to smooth out the skin




There are now a few different images with a smoother skinned versions.


Also just incase anyone is interested it was this picture that i was trying to do a modern remake of.

Posted Image

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