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To buy SQ1-6 or not to buy?


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Showing the classics attention and devotion can only be good. I don't need to buy it because I already own the older collection (the last one with 2 discs before the Vivendi release). Know, however, that the GoG version does not include the SQ1 remake. You can get that from the Steam collection, though. And since it's a DOS game you don't have to use Steam to play it once it's downloaded. It just uses DOSBox. Simply relocate the game files and use your own DOSBox.


What it all comes down to is it's up to you. Do you think it's worth it?

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I've gotten these games the internet way several times, but a couple of years ago, I decided to pick up all of the 2006 Sierra collections, even though they're simple rush jobs. I wouldn't recommend getting those now that you can also get them on GOG (the LSL collection being the frustrating exception), but I certainly would recommend that you buy the games. Collector's patches should work on the GOG version as well. That's a guess - I don't know for certain - but GOG games for DOSBox are actually very easy to mess with.


If you consider yourself a fan, you have to own them legally, I think. Back in the day, you could excuse yourself with the fact that these games were long out-of-print. Bidding on an overpriced SQ collection on eBay may be fine for a diehard, but it's a little bit too much for a casual fan who just wants to play these games. Now you have a choice and considering you seem to be addicted to all things Space Quest, I'd say it's worth it.

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The only one from the series from GOG that I have is KQ7 which came with MoE, so I cannot say if the GOG games are missing the original install files too. The KQ7 is not the same as the 2006 VU collection. It is version 2.00b with the DOS interpreter. What shipped with the VU collection was version 1.4 Windows only. Whether they tracked down a copy of 2.00b or used my patch (GOG has used my installers and patches for some of their Sierra releases) I don't know, but what GOG has is not a one to one copy of the VU collection. The other differences are that they have released them in groups of two to three rather than whole series and they include the original AGI versions instead of the SCI remakes as the VU collections.

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