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SQ Minecraft Server - General Info

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This thread will be used for information on the Minecraft server and how to use all the commands included, as well as which user groups have which commands. All of this information will be included on the server website as well (http://guysfromandromeda.com/mcweb).



Server IP



Max Players


50 Available slots:

  • 44 Default Users
  • 4 Admins
  • 2 Guys From Andromeda
The Admins and Two Guys will have reserved slots, so if the server is full and an Admin or Guy tries to join, one of the default users will be kicked to make room.



Server Rules

  • No griefing/stealing/pvp - No destroying others' creations or stealing their stuff. PVP is disabled by default everywhere except for the Free Survival World. Please don't circumvent this to intentionally try and hurt other players with wolves, pistons, traps, mobs, pushing off cliffs, etc.
  • No glitching/hacking
  • Respect others' building, storage, and mining areas - No building over the areas of others or building underneath or above their properties or mining areas, unless you receive permission from the owner. This just gets in the way of people's crafting plans
  • Be ethical and use common sense - No mischief, bullying, bad-mouthing other members, etc.
  • No CPU Intensive redstone circuitry - Like door noisemakers and the like. This can cause the server to crash as well as connect players. Generally anything should be alright, but don't go making large computing redstone processors or anything. And noisemakers are just annoying.
  • If you have a problem/issue, talk to an admin with the '/helpop' command. If there is an admin on the server they will respond. Or send them a message with the '/mail' command for them to receive later. Or come here to the forums and make a thread.
  • Have fun! - Mine and craft away! Work together! Be creative! In other words, enjoy the game!
User Groups
  • Default - This is the default group you are automatically put into upon first joining the server. They can view all worlds but have no building permissions outside of the unmoderated Free Survival World.
  • User - This is the trusted players group. This group has access to building permissions in the main Survival World. They can claim regions, lock their own chests/furnaces/doors/etc and do anything they can do in a normal Minecraft world.
  • Builder - This special group has access to further commands on the server such as WorldEdit and WorldGuard. They can switch to creative mode and affect changes in the SQ worlds. This group is for trusted members to help build the SQ worlds on the server.
  • Admin - Self-explanatory. The people who run the server and attend to players' needs by fixing problems, making things run smoothly, or even ban people if necessary. They also are the ones who upgrade player accounts to other user groups. Talk to them if you want to become a User or a Builder. For now we have no Moderator positions. Perhaps as the server gets more use and more regular members we'll have need of something like that.
  • MusiclyInspired
  • Pcjtulsa
  • Mjomble
  • Technichris
Server Commands


Default player commands

  • /rules - Views the server rules
  • /motd - Views the Message Of The Day (or Server upon login)
  • /help - Views a list of available commands
  • /helpop - Request help from online operators
  • /mail - Manages inter-player, intra-server mail
  • /msg - Sends a private message to the specified player
  • /me - Describes an action in the context of the player (like IRC chat)
  • /list - List all online players
  • /afk - Marks you as away from keyboard
  • /suicide - Causes you to perish
  • /time - Display the world time.
  • /spawn - Teleport to the spawnpoint (the portal hub)
User group commands
  • /near - Lists the players nearby or around the player
  • /nick - Change your nickname
  • /realname - Displays the username of a user based on nick
  • /sethome - Set your home to your current location
  • /tpa - Request to teleport to the specified player
  • /tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request
  • /tpdeny - Reject a teleport request
  • /tpahere - Request that the specified player teleport to you
Builder group commands




The following commands are available to players in the User group:


WorldGuard commands (Use wooden axe and left/right click to set area selections)

  • //sel cuboid - Sets selection mode to cuboid/rectangle. Left-click to select point #1. Right-click to select point #2. The selection will be a cuboid encompassing these 2 points.
  • //sel extend - Extends the cuboid selection mode. Left-click to select first point. All subsequent points are selected by right-clicking. Every right-click will extend the cuboid selection to encompass the new point.
  • //sel poly - Sets selection mode to polygon. Left-click to select first point. All subsequent points are selected by right-clicking. Every right-click will add an additional point.
  • //sel ellipsoid - Sets selection mode to ellipsoid.
  • //sel sphere - Sets selection mode to sphere.
  • //sel cyl - Sets selection mode to cylinder.
  • //pos1 & //pos2 - Alternate method of selecting areas based on which block you're standing on
  • //hpos1 & //hpos2 - Alternate method of selecting areas based on what block your crosshair is pointing at
  • //chunk - This command selects all the blocks in the chunk that you are standing in. Chunks are 16 by 16 and are 256 blocks high.
  • //expand [] [direction] - This command allows you to easily enlarge a region in several different ways:

- By specifying a direction (north, south, west, east, up, or down)

- By looking in the direction (only for north, south, west, and east)

- To the sky and to bedrock: //expand vert


To specify a direction, use "N", "S", "W", "E", "U" (for up), or "D" (for down) for the direction. If you want to merely look in the direction, either use "me" for the direction or don't enter a direction parameter. You can specify two numbers and the region will be expanded in two directions simultaneously.

  • //contract [] [direction] - Opposite of '//expand'

Which way would the selection contract? If you used //contract 10 down, then the selection would shrink from the top.

  • //shift [direction] - Shifts the region. This command works similarly to both //expand and //contract at the same time with the same amount in opposite directions. This will effectively shift the region by a certain amount. It will not move any blocks in the region.
  • //size - Gets the number of blocks in that region. Air blocks will be counted.
WorldEdit commands - /region or /rg (Nobody will be able to manipulate blocks inside a region except the owner(s) and member(s) of that region)
  • select - Selects the specified region
  • claim - Claims the select area if it is unowned as yours with the specified title
  • remove - Removes protection of the specified region
  • list - Lists all regions that you own
  • addowner - Adds another owner to the specified region
  • removeowner - Removes the specified owner
  • addmember - Adds a member to the specified region. Members can manipulate the blocks in a region but cannot change the owner. Useful for town 'citizens'
  • removemember - Removes the specified member
  • info - Shows information about the specified region (area coords, owners, permissions, etc)
LWC commands (Block protection, works on chests, doors, trapdoors, furnaces, dispensers, etc. Container blocks are automatically protected upon creation. Doors and trapdoors have to be manually protected)
  • /cprivate - Create a private protection for the block
  • /cpublic - Create a public protection. Anyone can access it but they cannot change owner of the protection
  • /cpassword - Create a password-protected protection
  • /cmodify - Modify an existing private protection
  • /cunlock - Unlock a password-protected block
  • /cinfo - View information on a protection
  • /cremove or /lwc -r - Remove a protection
  • /lwc flag - Change protection flags
If anything is unclear, please let me know and I'll explain it more plainly.
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Hey Brandon,I was on the server today,and I decided I show you something.Some guy,his nickname was John,was making the shield generator from SQ3 in the Nether!You really need to check it out,not only that,but it has a Nether_Wart farm in it :D



Also,I would like to ask you something,do you know how to make a mob farm?It would be cool if you could get the admins and some players to make a 3 story one,each story for Peaceful,Hostile,And Oceanic.Just thought I show ya!








By the way,if this is in the wrong post,sorry,I tried to message you but you're inbox was full?

I'm new to the forums,sowwy D:

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That kinda stinks,I guess it could be qualified as cheating though.

But me and John already made a mob trap.

We plan on an IRON FARM :D

Hey,the fact that the mobs spawn from a cage qualifies as "cheating",but its in the game.


Oh well,Oki Doki Loki.

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There is another reason I'm wary about it, it can be CPU intensive for the server. We haven't run into problems yet with John's egg farm, and maybe it'll be fine. I just don't want to go creating all these mob traps one after the other. There are plenty of mobs that spawn at night time. More than enough, really. If you've already got one, then ok but let's just not overdo it.

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There is another reason I'm wary about it, it can be CPU intensive for the server. We haven't run into problems yet with John's egg farm, and maybe it'll be fine. I just don't want to go creating all these mob traps one after the other. There are plenty of mobs that spawn at night time. More than enough, really. If you've already got one, then ok but let's just not overdo it.


I understand the CPU intensive part,we use splash potions to kill the zombies when they're at about 53.
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The server's had some trouble and has been down for a while. But now it's back up! Still not 1.3.2 yet, but playable again.


Hi Musical

There is a player in Member Survival,Jona27612,griefed my train station system,on purpose also locked my doors to my house in free survival...

I reported him,and I am upset,he called me dumb too!

Out of anger I took his bed,left some signs too.

Please ban him,you're my buddy....

RAWR,i'm just mad.I thought this was a community server to have fun

Btw,I left him (1) cobble dick at his home :)

Thank you for you're patience,

You're Buddy,Star ;D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's something for the Powers That Be - I've recently obtained a smartphone, and have been considerign getting the Android port of Minecraft. Some questions:


-Is the port any good? It's been hard to find info on how the pocket edition stacks up to the original, in terms of features and functions and such.


-Can the Android version of Minecraft connect to this server? Or indeed, *any* PC-based Minecraft server? Or does it have its own little universe apart from regular Internet-accessible stuff?

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It's quite different. Its a much older version first of all. It didn't even come with survival mode on release. After people screamed for it they started implementing it but its still not finished yet. Connecting to PC servers is a definite no. Besides the aforementioned, I think you can only connect wirelessly to other phones in the area. There's a free demo you can try.

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I don't know. I haven't had ant time to spend on it of late. Last I heard Chris had made a new updated server without all the extras and plugins we had previously. One of these days I might hit up Chris again to see about managing things but now is just not a good time for me.


And thank you. I'm only involved with the Mage's Kickstarter. Unless you count the guitar work I'll be doing on Ken Allen's album project. I'm excited for both, though!

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