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The Nostalgia Timestream

Troels Pleimert

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Hi, guys. Not much out of me lately, huh? Well, here's something brand new.


Google+ opened up the possibility to build "communities." Since the original intention behind the 2GFA Google+ page (http://gplus.to/rogerwilco) was to just post nostalgic screenshots from the Space Quest past and wax romantically about them, I thought I'd graciously give the rest of the world the chance to do likewise. Especially since the focus of the Google+ page has moved on from nostalgia to more current topics (cough-SpaceVenture!-cough).


Enough smarm already. Here's the nostalgia channel for all you "Plussers" out there. (God, I hope they come up with a better name for G+ users soon.)



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Then let's come up with our own and start spreading it. My suggestions below:


+aggers (pronounced "taggers"....or "plusaggers" if you really want)


S+reamers (and the prolific ones we call S+reammasters)

Plusmores (or +mores)

+lifers (with a pause, not strung together)


Vote for your favourite! Or, let me know if there's a poll mechanism we can use if we get some more suggestions.





Oh, and the stream is awesome+astic.

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I think that term is reserved for people who actually work at the GooglePlex?


Actually they're all called Googlers as far as I'm aware.


And I thought this was a family-friendly forum.


A "reammaster" sounds like a very volatile career choice.


Get your head out of the gutter. It's pronounced "Streamers" and "Streammasters" of course with the t replaced by a +. *sigh -_-

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