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Kickstarter Rewards


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I've just got a quick question about the rewards for the Kickstarter campaign. - Sorry if the answer to this is obviously written elsewhere (Which it must be as I can't find anyone asking similar questions!) but I can't seem to find it.


When will the different reward tiers start rolling out? I'm not too bothered about when I get the extra cool stuff, but I was curious as I haven't heard anything. I'm getting the GOG credit, autographed art print and also involved in an easter-egg.


I'm guessing that most of them will be once the game is complete? - So it just means another thing to look forward too! But it would be great to know.



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Based on my own experience with other projects, all of the physical goodies are gonna be shipped out at the same time as the game launches. As for the digital rewards, they can release them pretty much at any time as long as they aren't related to the game itself (i.e. the game, soundtrack, etc).


I'm most interested in when they're gonna send out the survey, though. And the request for photos for the fan card, wall of fame, and "alienization" portrait by Mark.

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My impression of the typical game development process is game designers, artists, and programmers working in parallel, and puzzles being tweaked iteratively as they get programmed and are able to be play tested. I think the only time it might be "all programming" is after the game is released, and they are just doing updates for reported bugs...


PCJ would be the one with most insight as to actual reality for TGA team however.

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