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Conrad Sheldons Seira Web sight


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I don't know who is running the Geocities.ws archive project, but I will be eternally grateful to them for saving this little gem from extinction:




Does anyone else remember this? I have very fond memories of laughing hysterically at this "sight". The music on his "reevews"- and "leenks"-pages alone would usually make me laugh till tears were running down my cheeks. Don't know if I'm alone in that respect, but as you know, I like re-visiting the old days and for some reason, I really have missed this misspelled atrocity.


Don't bother digging up the old SubChan thread that accompanied this, though. I ruined that one as well.

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From that site on closing down this comment was offered:

I loathe and despise this "3D wave" we're entering. First it was the interactive movies, which I could tolerate (even though they degraded the playability seriously). Now, it's 3D. And 3D, with all its might and 300fps images, has effectively killed off the adventure game genre.


I hope to be working in the future with organisations such as Adventure Game Review, in the hopes of reviving this long missed genre. But our hopes grow weaker, and we may never have another moment of good quality entertainment left. Soon, everybody will be Mario-ing and Quake-ing themselves 'till they're square, and human intelligence as we know it will be gone out the window. For all I care, the Sierra executives and editors and whatever the fuck they're called, can go shove their "your-input-is-valuable-to-us" and "we-listen-to-our-customers" up their fat overpaid asses...because if it was true, then what the hell is keeping you from doing anything? We've been bugging you for nearly two bloody years now, and there still hasn't been aninkling of progress?! What the fuck more do you want from us?! Blood?


Which brings us to 2013, Sierra having gone belly up, and us jumping for joy in this Year of the Adventure Game Revival :-D

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I nearly had a heart attack when I read the thread title. Thanks, Frede! I'm surprised that anyone remembers Conrad fondly. I expected to come here and see animated GIFs depicting dead horses. I'm glad that everyone here is mature about it now. Andromeda knows meelWORM and I were not as mature back then. It was just an evil means to promote Chris Cromer's ailing AGI web site. In the short term, it actually seemed effective, but once word got out on the Subspace Channel... Well... It's better to leave some things in the past.


I did re-examine the whole thing in 2009, with a look back at agigames.com, the birth (and death) of Conrad Sheldon, and a retrospective on the AGI game based on the character that we never completed. In part, because so many people continually told us not to, even though some of the early drafts of the story were shaping up quite hilariously.


Worth a read, I guess.


From the Graveyard: The E! False Hollywood Story - Part 1

From the Graveyard: The E! False Hollywood Story - Part 2


...and there is this Twitter account, which is mostly there to promote the recent Sierra revivals: http://twitter.com/cshel23

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