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Space Quest Lego UPDATE : Galaxy Galleria


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Hey guys! It has been a couple of years since I found the Space Quest games, and I absoulutely love them. One other thing that I love is Legos. I love making my own projects with Legos. One day, I decided to make Lego Space Quest. I was determined to make something in Lego that simbolises the Space Quest games. I was not sure what I would build, though. I was not sure what scene I would recreate, so I decided to make a bunch of iconic Space Quest characters and accessories. It didn't worked well. I had a big box full of miscellaneous Space Quest stuff. I realized it was time to make a change, so I sorted all my Lego Space Quest creations in two piles : to keep, and to break. I called what came out after Space Quest Lego v. 2.0. It was still not what I wanted, though. I left the project for a while, until new lego pieces came out. Some pieces now offer the possibility to easily attach and detach a lego piece, like a hook, in some sort. With that in mind, I decided to build a construct-your-own-Space-Quest-scene kind of stuff. It came out pretty well, so I decided to post pictures of it.

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I now recreated some ways to die in Space Quest with animated gifs. Check it out : http://www.flickr.co...57637099933213/ Note : You need to right click on the picture, then click on original in order to see the animation.


Hahaha, those are fantastic! :D


Mind if I download these and post them on the Two Guys' Tumblr? I find it a bit cumbersome to have to right-click on stuff to see the animation; Tumblr would play the animations automatically.

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As a lifelong fan of Legos, and of the creative mindsets that they tend to encourage, I approve wholeheartedly of this entire endeavor. :D Reminds me of one or two Lego-related SQ things I did once upon a time, though for politeness' sake I won't intrude the links for those into BlockMaster's thread here.


I particularly like the re-creation of the SQ4 boxart (i.e. Roger plungering Vohaul's face), the "Roger in Stellar's arms during rescue" scene, and the rather clever method of recreating the Two Guys' distinctive mohawks with creative use of single-stud bevel pieces. ;)


If there's one scene I'd love to see recreated in Lego, it's the climactic duel between Roger and his new nemesis at the end of Incinerations. It might be hard finding a Lego mop, though... <_<

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