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Space Quest Minecraft Server thoughts (this is not what you think it is)


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I was really disapointed when I saw that the Minecraft server is down. I thought about that problem (it was a problem to me), then I found a solution : My favorite server would be perfect for Space Quest themed builds. This server is opened for creativity and building. It's a good place to build whatever you want, and it's family friendly (that means no pvp, no griefing, no stealing, no swearing, no CAPS in chat... etc). If anyone wants to try that out, reply. It's a good server, and it's easy to jump in. There is alot of Mob farms (I made some of them). There is some pretty good shops to buy everything that you need and there is a pretty good monetary system. When everybody that wants to try this server replied, I will create a discussion in spacequest.net's messenger. If no one replies, oh well, it was just an idea.

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If anyone's interested in it I'm sure they'd love to hop on. I, unfortunately, don't have the time to play Minecraft (or really any games) anymore. I don't think many around here play Minecraft, though. Hence, why it wasn't very popular to begin with.


I do regret not finishing the SQ1 world in Minecraft, though. We had Ulence Flats and the Arcada completed. I had started on the mountains of Kerona but never did finish. I was hoping we'd get more members on to help build stuff, but that never happened.


Another part of the reason it died was because it was based on Bukkit and Multiverse and the latter took ages to update (I'm not sure it ever did, actually). And since the server heavily relied on multiple dimensions I couldn't update it and keep everything intact.

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