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SQ3 Let's Play by Yahtzee


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"I once owned Space Quest IV which I believe to be the absolute worst..."
"I chose Space Quest III because it was one of the worst..." "...one of the reasons I picked this one was because it is very boring....there's no 'Quest' in it..."


"Space Quest III is just depressingly dull..."




They spend the rest of the episode comparing them to LucasArts and how they were so much better.

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Added this to my "watch later" list. I can't wait to get red-hot about it. ;)


But seriously. I love Yahtzee. I know he loves adventure games and that his shtick, as Brandon says, is to be overly critical of everything. I'm sure, deep down, he loves the game; otherwise, why would he play it in the first place?

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The same thing happens on the Spoony Experiment. The guy seems to act like he absolutely despises Final Fantasy games, yet if you look around his room in some videos, you'll see nothing but FF action figures, posters, and prop weapons. It's always important to take these big name comedy-critics with a grain of salt. They critique because they love.

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PawDugan had an SQ3 LP with commentary done sometime last year, and he also did a full playthough of SQ2+. Then there's AmayirotAkago who did a full LP of all six SQ games. Also, PushingUpRoses recently started an SQ Retrospective on her channel.


I'd post links, but I'm currently confined to computers that block out YouTube.

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