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Space Quest III SoundBlaster patch

Troels Pleimert

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If you use ScummVM for playing your golden oldies, the game is hacked to play the SoundBlaster samples by default. But NRS' patch was also what allowed to hear those sounds in game. The guy is a genius indeed. Heck, his patches actually allowed me to play SQ4CD back in the pre-DOSBox days.

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He also made a patch for QFG2's MTBLAST.DRV which disabled all digital sound effects for sounds that were all just lo-fi recordings of the MT-32 MIDI sounds themselves and leaving the only two unique digital sound effects in the intro for the genie's laugh and clap. He's done a lot of good work.


He also provided me with tools for setting custom MT-32 and Adlib patches for SCI0 games. Was going to use them with KQ2SCI.

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