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SQ4 Professor Lloyd voice actor?


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As far as I know, this has been a mystery forever, as the voice went uncredited. This might imply that it was a non-professional or a family friend or something.


I can't shake the feeling that the voice sounds eerily similar to the Half-Life scientist voice... Just two different guys hitting the same squeaky-nerd stereotype?


Lloyd: http://spacequest.wikia.com/wiki/Lloyd

HL Scientists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvWLceZaXSk


If it's the same guy, then I wager the original Lloyd voice actor was either this guy or this other guy.


Mr Other Guy, by the way, was Torin in Sierra's 1995 Torin's Passage and worked on many other Sierra titles... He used to lived in Seattle, relatively close to Oakhurst... 

And of course, the original Half-Life was published by Sierra...


Does anybody know?

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Trying to imagine Roger Wilco being played by Robin Williams ... wow.


I wonder how many other actors were considered for the role? Both in the realm of possibility (who they auditioned) and impossibility (who they imagined playing the part).


If PCJ isn't just making this up in bad taste (huh? well, he might! have you ever had a conversation with the man?), I'm definitely going to slide this in the next show.

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Oh certainly he could. But it's just hard picturing him as Roger Wilco, perhaps because all of his roles are all so well defined. I see him as the Genie, or Patch Adams, or Mrs. Doubtfire, and it's hard to really know what his take on a character would be until I actually see it, if that makes sense. Wholeheartedly agree about missing him though.

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