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Fan creation ideas


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Could be a fun idea, though, if you were to somehow "retrofit" SQ1VGA to NES. Graphics would need to be redrawn, obviously, to suit the somewhat odd dimensions and color depth of the NES. And the music would need to be redone in the "2 sawwave, 1 sinewave, 1 noise channel" NES system.


I have no idea how one would go about it, but it does sound like fun.

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Some ideas:

- dubstep remix to SQ Theme

- SQ7 fangame (any fangame) (big like SQ Inc) (for now we got SQ8 and SQ9 only - SQ VSB, SQ Inc)

- SQ toys (for ex, plastic Roger Wilco)

- shop 'Monolith Burger' (create shop, yes; in all countries))

- beer 'Keronian Ale'

- 360 videos about SQ in youtube

- Space Quest VR game

- Facebook game about SQ

- New minigames from Two Guys

- Fangame about Two Guys (with futurama humour)

- Fangame about Beatrice

- SQ2 from Vohaul's side (play for Vohaul)

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- King's Quest 3 with Roger Wilco instead of Gwydion. And he has another way to win Manannan. He has some gadgets, etc. With sq jokes, parodies

- SQ songs from fans. Some easy songs about RW, Vohaul, etc. Use free music from Youtube, for ex. Genres: pop, rap, rnb, country, etc.

- Space Quest 4 VR. You must go to timepod of Sequel Police and there'll be end of demo

- Space Quest fan film (sort of cosplay video). Roger Wilco, sariens, etc. Any plot with new ideas

- SQ2x: Vohaul's Mines (VGA version)

- new SQ2 VGA (another version) (like SQ2 retro, but in VGA)

- SQ1 3D (like SQ3 3D by Kjell)

- SQ7 by fans (simple ags game) (10-20 locations but with cool graphics and normal plot)

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