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  1. pcj

    What's up with SpaceVenture?

    It doesn't really exist in compiled form. We of course have all the recordings that were completed but would have to still edit them, chop them up, and drop them into AGS.
  2. Frans appears to have completely abandoned it now. It's now just a white page listing for sale. I do have the data archived safely, it's just a matter of content rights at this point - and does anyone actually care to look at it.
  3. There was also the original art from the SQ4 box that was sold on eBay during the KS project. But yeah I bet they'd go for a lot.
  4. pcj

    New SQ7 beta thread

    Not to my knowledge, that would go against everything they've said in the past. Not to mention I don't think he even has it all in a state that would be easy to release as a demo. And Sledgy, stop posting false rumors. Last warning.
  5. pcj

    Want to play SpaceQuest

    Well to be fair, those use DOSBox, he specifically said "other than DOSBox".
  6. pcj

    SCI Companion v3 has been released!

    Cool! Now change KQ5 to make Cedric less annoying.
  7. pcj

    Why is SQ6 (generally) disliked?

    That wasn't the only time it happened in the SQ series though. SQ2 reset the accomplishments of SQ1. You could argue SQ5 is the one that reset SQ4's accomplishments as well. In which case SQ6 actually reset SQ5's accomplishments. I think the point the Two Guys were trying to get across is that Roger was always destined to be a loser no matter how well he did. ("Life sucks, again."). More characters is certainly a departure from previous SQs, though Sludge Vohaul pretty much came out of nowhere as the big bad of SQ2. Well, that lack of a resolution is hardly the fault of SQ6. They probably expected to tie that up in SQ7. (The fan game Incinerations provides a decent resolution to the Stellar/Bea thing BTW).
  8. Getting Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen to work on the same game could provide interesting possibilities.
  9. It's an interesting idea. I just don't think we were looking for that sort of meta humor there.
  10. Made-up apps for the in-game universe.
  11. pcj

    SCI Companion v3 has been released!

    This looks sweet! Nice work.
  12. Keep in mind whoever is chosen will need to be a member of the SAG-AFTRA guild to avoid problems with using the other voice actors already on board. If you qualify then certainly hit up chris@guysfromandromeda.com for consideration.
  13. That was 2011. He made another comeback in 2012 and is apparently doing better now.
  14. Speaking for myself I'd certainly want the sarcastic narrator approach we saw throughout the SQ series, which Gary Owens did so well. I wouldn't particularly want someone trying to imitate Gary Owens, but a similar voice could work as long as they were doing their own thing and it didn't sound forced.
  15. pcj

    Should Roger have a companion?

    I think it could allow for some cool puzzle elements, much like the Two Guys are doing with Ace and Rooter. Just not sure what that companion would be for Roger.