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  1. Ohhh the NOISE channel. Right! That's a 4th channel isn't it?
  2. I haven't tried it on any AGI games yet but I assume it would. Can't hurt to give it a shot, anyway.
  3. Dude. That sucks. What happened anyway? Hope you find a place. Regardless, that screen looks great! Good to see some more use of colour other than just purple, red and brown. Doesn't look so CGA-ish now. Good luck with it. Looking forward to this game.
  4. Those patches are for DOS SCI games not MAC AGI games.
  5. NICE! I must say I adore this program and it's really helped with creating my KQ2SCI project music-wise. Not that I'm ripping music from the games, but just to see how they worked.
  6. Just tried that and it doesn't work. It seems to be an in-between format between SCI01 and SCI1.0 since the old DOS SCI Decoder program won't view EGA SCI1.0 picture resources. The sprites are in SCI0 format, though. If you like I can get you a copy of one of the EGA versions. Email me your email address and I can send you a copy.
  7. The EGA version of the Space Quest 1 remake's picture resources is what I'm talking about. Many SCI1.0 games had 16 colour counterparts for people who still used Tandy computers or just didn't have a VGA card. Here's a short list: Space Quest 1 Remake Space Quest 4 Leisure Suit Larry 1 Remake Leisure Suit Larry 5 King's Quest 5 Police Quest 3 And there are a handful of others. And thanks for the revision! Downloading.
  8. Nice! Is it absolutely imperative that the exported MIDI files be in that format? I ask because the only thing that will play them that I've found so far is Windows Media Player. I was hoping to be able to open the exported MIDIs into a sequencer and do some editing but whenever I do that it plays everything super fast as if the entire song was compacted into a couple seconds. Just wondering is all. Also, when opening 16 colour versions of SCI1.0 games they seem to get some of the colours wrong. White sometimes comes out as dark gray for example. I've only tried this with the Space
  9. Ok I gave it a try. I really like it. I've been able to extract everything so far except sound. I can export it and it has a file size but when I try to play the MIDI in Winamp it says it's 0:00 long and won't play. It does, however, play in Windows Media Player. I don't know what the difference is... Also it would be a nice feature to export each file in their native SCI format as well. Not mandatory, but it would make it as nice as the same feature in the DOS SCI Decoder that was released ages ago. I used to love putting sound resources into other games! Lol.
  10. I've provided all the information I've seen when errors arise. I just haven't used it lately. And I'll say this again, you might want to visit http://scicommunity.com/sciforums as many people there would be very interested in your program and you'd probably get more of a response if you asked for some beta testers there. People are already helping in the beta testing phase with a program called SCI Companion (sister program to SCI Studio) that another dude released a while back. Awesome new update! I'll be downloading right away and letting you know anything I find.
  11. Nice! Beautiful! Will it also be possible to export the sysex data into the beginning of the exported MIDI file as well? Or maybe just as a sysex file? Just wondering. Not mandatory.
  12. I've tried it with the MT-32 synth emulator. It works great. The only problem is that for every time you preview a tune you always have to select the Upload checkbox so it will send the custom timbre information every time since it forgets the information once the playback stops. Whereas with a real MT-32 the information stays in the box until you reset it.
  13. Hey I can send em to you if it helps :(. Next time I'll write it all down, though. And Kurdt, when resources are black like that try choosing a different palette from the dropdown menu.
  14. Just was viewing resources in Torin's Passage and while scrolling down through the picture resources the program crashed with an error message that I unfortunately didn't write down that gave "retry, ignore, abort" options".
  15. Really? There's adlib emulation support for Winamp. Does it work differently? Oh well, too bad.
  16. Yep. I'm still having trouble with the patched SQ4 CD but I haven't fooled around with the settings too much yet. Beautiful program, dude. All that's left is to add extracting ability as Mortimer said! Of course one could always use this in conjunction with SCI Studio VGA. What would also be killer is if you put in some kind of adlib emulator like DOSBox and VDMSound have and have the option to play the sound resources through the original adlib sound rather than routing through the MIDI mapper. Is that possible? I'd also suggest something similar for PC Speaker and Tandy 3-voice emula
  17. I just tried it with a few games. For SQ4 CD (with NRS's patch) it wouldn't show any picture resources and crashed when I tried to view view resources. I don't know if that has anything to do with NRS's patch or what.
  18. Wowsers! This is a resource viewer I've been waiting for! Kudos on the sound support!! Nice job! Also, you might want to check out the SCI programming website. There'd be quite a few people on the forums who'd be interested in this little beauty. I'd recommend visiting there if you haven't already. http://scicommunity.com/
  19. I seen it all the time in school. They even had a pajama day once. Needless to say I never joined in. People where pajamas a lot though. And they're mainly white people.
  20. Well, FreeSCI is supported under linux. If linux is truly ported to the DS it should be no problem to play SQ on a DS. I know ScummVM is already ported to the DS and I've seen screenshots of Monkey Island 1 & 2. I wonder if the touch-screen is supported, though. That would rule.
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