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    Long time adventure player. Have fond memories of playing SQIV when it was brand new.

    Thrilled to have Jane Jensen, Al Lowe, Josh Mandel and the Two Guys back in the adventure gaming scene. Now, when are the Coles joining? :)
  1. Thank you, Collector! I love playing SQ4 again, this is the first time I play the talkie version. And I have two things to say so far: 1. Gary Owens is hilarious. 2. Curse you, Skate-O-Rama!!!
  2. Are you crazy?! I LOVE the music of SQIV! Ken Allen is a genius! I see now how that could be misread, sorry about that, lol. Yes, I meant the emulation. When I started the game, it didn't sound as good as I remembered, and then I read about Roland MT-32. Which I couldn't get to work. So, just to be clear: the music of SQIV is amazing. *goes back to SQXII*
  3. I take it that means there's no hope for me? :) Meanwhile, I'm wandering the streets of Space Quest XII for the first time since I played it on Amiga. Loving it!
  4. Okay, started SQ4, but the music sucks <_< I tried my hand at Munt, the Roland emulator, but couldn't get it to work. Yes, I'm a computer iliterate. Is there an easy step by step on how to do it? I'd love to play the game with the good music I know is there. For starters, I couldn't even start the mt32emu.dll file. -_-
  5. Ah, that $700K stretch goal seems so far away. I would love an EGA-mode for SpaceVenture.
  6. Yes, I love both LSL2 and LSL3, but the second game especially have a LOT of dead ends and gamebreakers. So it'll be exciting to see what Al does with it now (hopefully).
  7. Well, after Steam's summer sale, I have a lot to play! Just started Botanicula, which I really like. Also Puzzle Agent was a positive surprise. Other than that, I'm also playing through the Space Quest-collection. Currently I just defeated the Terminator in SQ3. Looking forward to SQ4! I also bought Stacking, Psychonauts, Alan Wake, Portal and was gifted Deus Ex, so I have lots of fun ahead of me!
  8. Yes. Al stated that he especially looked forward to remaking Larry 2, he considers that the most flawed game. I would love to see it remade.
  9. I think the reason Josh said that was that someone commented on how they were worried about Paul working on the game. But yes, I think everyone can see that this isn't good PR for Replay.
  10. I'd like to read more about how this panel went. Is there a transcript or video somewhere?
  11. I'm tired of all the drama surrounding this production. I've decided to just trust Josh (who is doing a good job communicating, in my opinion) and Al, and I will make my final judgement when the game is released. Paul is not involved in the making of the game itself, according to Josh. Hopefully the game is good and successful, and we'll get remakes of Larry 2 & 3. I don't regret pledging.
  12. I second the possibility of "already pledged"-exclusives. And if possible, lower the female playable character. But it looks great! Looking forward to updates.
  13. I want all the stretch goals! Do we know anything about timing? I tried asking in the wrap party yesterday, but it was impossible to get a word in! :)
  14. Great read, thanks for posting. So looking forward to this game! :)
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