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Yeah, I wasn't clear enough. I surely don't want Sledgy to stop posting at all, I just recommend him to think before posting next time and stay quite unless he has something interesting/important to say.


And guys, please don't think that all Russians have bad sense of humor and hate Inc :P In fact nearly everyone likes Inc here in Russia, it's just Sledgy and evarube who both hate everything which wasn't made by them.

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Troll and flunkey...



Really, there're 4 minimum Russian SQ fans who has negative comments about SQ Inc. And I'm sure the most of Russian fans will be agree with us.


Of course, it doesn't justify my rude words and those 'shit-pictures'.



There's my full opinion about SQ Inc, if you're interested.


+ Graphics (3D, super!)

+ Music (cool)

+ Video (wow)

+ Animations (cool)

+ Plot (wonderful, anyway)


- Beatrice's behavior (she acts not like SQ5's Bea and not like VSB's) (she is 'glamour girl' here, who wants strong man; but really Bea is strong by herself, she's a fighter, not just 'a girl in a trouble')

- Wilco's son behavior (very mad guy... I remember his in the final of SQ4 - kind guy, new hero) (I really can't agree with this vision of the SQ world) (And it's not sequel to bad end of VSB; it's really parallel universe with another Bea and Wilco's son)

- Accordingly moments of plot I can't agree with.

- Not many humor. The game is dark. Drama, not comedy.



And after this technically perfect 3D SQ fangame I felt that it's not SQ...


Yes there're these guys with famous names and images... Vohaul, Stellar, Roger, Beatrice... But seems they are not real, not from the SQ canon. Only if Roger.



Anyway, it's *BIG* job. Datadog is great. He has *own vision* of the SQ world. It's his right.




P.S. You can remove The Funny Pictures thread

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I have problems with TSL, but I don't go trolling on the the various Sierra forums about how badly it deviates from KQ cannon and style. As said, if you don't like SQ Inc, ignore it. Most, including myself, do like it. Whining about it just get others to start ignoring your posts. Don't be offended and take this as everyone piling on you, but remember if you play nice and be polite, people will be more receptive to what you have to say.

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All very true. Regarding the whole Bea-is-a-bitch-thing, I hope Menbailee won't mind me quoting one of his posts from Chris' forum.


A lot of people seem to see SQ:Incinerations Beatrice as crazy or sociopathic, or think that the designer clearly doesn't like that much. I read this in more than one review before playing the game, and after finishing, I disagreed.


Beatrice is a girlfriend you've treated badly for ten years. She's put up with it because she saw something amazing in you a long time ago, and you haven't lived up to it. She's very, very angry at your behavior, and at herself for having accepted it.


Then, you stand her up on the only time you've even gotten to communicate in the last half-year--when she's going to end it with you. The next time she sees you is when you're destroying her wedding day. As far as her perspective is concerned, you're the sociopathic ex-boyfriend who can't let go. Shortly thereafter, it starts looking like you're one of the bad guys. Beatrice's reactions are totally justified.


We don't see what Bea was doing with herself by the time of SQ: Incinerations. I wish we did. Because if she's still the kind of do-right ambassador taking on a military government over ecological carelessness or other social-justice issues that we met her as, then Bea stays my choice, all the way. Bea's a hero of a different kind, and she and Roger deserve a life where they save the universe together. It's who they are.

Spot on in my opinion. I admit, this is a generalisation which may wind up offending someone, but I'm willing to bet that a lot of the people who are complaining about Bea being a "bitch" haven't tried being in a longer relationship, or been through a painful break-up.

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Or can't grasp the concepts a storyline is supposed to make apparent in character development. That guy makes a great point. This is not your friendly neighborhood Space Quest we know and love (though it's very close). This is ten years later when Roger (who I believe is a sort of mirror of the adventure genre itself) has been left out in the cold for years. People have gotten bitter over time. But at the end of the day, Roger saves it as always. And all while being a bumbling idiot. In that regard it is classic Space Quest. It's just told in a different way. Which is more than fine.

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